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Would you have a problem with being RFID chipped in the event of a national emergency?

Asked by Pazza (3209points) March 16th, 2010

I found a very disturbing video which is linked below, which says that in the event of a swine flu outbreak (or probably any national emergency) that the GOVERNMENT will come along and give you a mandatory flu shot, or cart you off to the nearest detention centre concentration camp (they don’t really exist, honestly!).

Anyway, the question is, do you pony-up or fix bayonets?
Do you think its a necessary measure, or Orwell’s worst nightmare?

I’m pretty sure those TRUE patriots will all line up like good little corporate slaves, get their shot and there new number.

I’m waiting for one person in particular to pop in and say hello. Lets see if they do!......

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Fix bayonets. A true patriot would do the same.

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Mandatory flu shot?!? . . . the last time that happened, they didn’t even have enough supply of the correct shots to give to those who wanted them. . . .

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@njnyjobs – PEOPLE WANTED THEM!......... scary.

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Chip me after I’m dead and not one second before.

The Gov says there are certain things I cannot put into my own body. I’m certainly not going to allow them to do it.


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@Pazza that’s right, there were people who wanted the shots because they got too scared . . . mostly old folks… and the shots had to be rationed.

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I heard the next step may be to chip the homeless in some US states, you know, for their own safety.

@njnyjobs I contracted swine flu myself, I took 1 tamiflu tablet and went really down hill. It was supposed to be a course of 7 or so, my intuition was telling me not to touch them, but my wife and mother pestered me that much, that I took one, I woke up in the middle of the night with a kind of severe craving, which I couldn’t quite understand, after a couple of hours, I realised I was short of breath and so increased my breathing, which I continued with for about 2 hours, and then the craving went away.

I dread to think what this stuff will do to old/frail and or young/frail people.

I also heard that most of the shots were nearly out of date, and that’s why there has been such a push to get people vaccinated.

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What does that have to do with RFID chi…..oh I know. You are one of those conspiracy theorists that think the vaccinations contane microscopic RFID chips that they secretly inject into you with the vaccine, right?

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Apparently this is the real thing, and it IS already being used in some prisons. According to the article a hospital is also considering using these chips in wrist bands to track patients. It is already here. It’s only a matter of time before these things become common place. Their use in security sensitive locations like prisons “Inmates know they are being monitored, and will be caught”, hospitals (for tracking patients), airports (for tracking lost luggage) and other high security situations, will lead to it being eventually required of all of us. Here’s one link I found.

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I would recommend checking out the company Positive ID.
They are publicly traded on the Nasdaq(PSID, formerly CHIP). They started out as Verichip and specialized in RFID chips for electronic medical records, glucose sensing chip, and even and H1N1 sensing chip.
Now they are called PositiveID and specialize in all the things that Verichip did, but now include preventing identity theft and credit monitoring.

I have been following this stock for sometime now. Last year at this time, it was at .25 a share and is currently at $1.50 a share. I am not trying to promote this company or stock in any means, but without any R/S’s, this stock has been steadily increasing, which makes me think it is becoming more of a real thing. Im sure the funding it is getting from the govt to research it is helping its cause.

My fear is that if the govt has its way with health care, these chips will be mandatory for “electronic medical records.” These chips are very real and a little bit of research will show that RFID will be pretty damn big in the next few years.

As far as the question goes, I would definitely have a problem getting one of these chips.

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I would have a problem with it as well. I’ve been thinking about it for many years, and that’s one reason I use alternative medicine- to learn how to heal myself without medical help whenever possible. So far I’ve done pretty well, considering.

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It would do away with credit card fraud, voting fraud, identity theft, welfare fraud, insurance fraud and social security fraud. I see more benefits than disadvantages. With every identification process, there is always room for misuse, but that doesn’t automatically make it a bad thing.

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I could imagine that happening in America….. luckily I’m in England where such a thing would never happen.

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I hope you’re right, Jeff. I hope you’re right.

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@snowberry We’re the home of liberal democracy, plus we’ve had our civil liberties attacked for a while now & we’re all mighty pissed about it…. as Labour & Gordon brown are about to find out!

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@JeffVader, Eternal vigilance is the price. As mentioned above, Positive ID is also a publicly traded company. It isn’t going away. It might not happen in our lifetime, but it could easily happen in our children’s.

It’s already happening in the US as a proven way to control prison populations, identify possessions such as dogs and cats, etc., and is being studied for use in hospitals, etc. I bet the same sort of thing is already being looked at in many other countries.

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@snowberry Isn’t it just!! Excellent comment by the way, just wish I had something equally intellectual with which to respond… ho-hum.

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um….two words: people power…collectively (as jellies know only so well) anything is possible

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