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Would the new Alice in Wonderland movie be okay for an 8 year old?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 16th, 2010

Is it too scary? You know that Tim Burton’s movies can be a bit scary (skeletons and all). We want to take my 8 year old niece to it, but, we’re not sure if she’ll freak out.

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i have only seen the trailer, but it really does look like its for adults.

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Depends on the maturity of the 8 year old.

I’ve been watching Freddy Krueger movies since I was 2, so my opinion is pretty much invalid.

It does have some moments that would probably freak out your typical 8 year old. I know some teen-aged kids that were scared by it but they are huge wusses….

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When I was watching it, I said to myself that some parts might scare kids. It really depends on the kid, though.

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She will be fine. There are worse things we have routinely subjected children to.
Like this:
Two small children, a boy and a girl are abandoned by their impoverished parents in a forest, left there to die. They strive through the woods and arrive at the house of an old woman who captures the boy, locks him in a cage and feeds him so that he becomes fat. The girl is treated like a slave and is forced to hard labour for the woman. The woman’s final goal: to eat both children. In a macabre plot twist, the little girl murders the woman by pushing her into an oven from behind, where she burns alive until she is dead. The two children then steal the woman’s money and return to their parents who only welcome them back because they bring cash.

This story is called ‘Hänsel und Gretel’ and is a common fairy tale routinely told to small children.

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I didn’t think it was scary.It was pretty boring,really.The most disturbing part was that Johnny Depp looked like Madonna.

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I think it would be appropriate. When I went to see it I saw kids around that age watching it. The movie is funny, has cute animals, and gorgeous scenery. She might enjoy it.

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Goodness of course. My brother is 8 and he says it was amazing. And I’m 13 and I thought it was great. It was great for all ages. There is no scary part at all. There is no killing no nothing. It’s really funny. It was great and it it’s not scary. The only part that the kids might want to hide on is when they do something with the big scary cat’s eye but that is more weird/crazy/freaky than scary.

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@lucillelucillelucille LOL (Johnny Depp/Madonna)!

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Honestly, I wouldn’t have been scared of this movie if I was 8. At all.
It’s just “kooky”.

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Regarding Johnny Depp

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Sort of like Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka?

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I would take my seven year-old to it, I think it would be fine for an eight year-old.

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My wife and I together with my 8th year old daughter. Watch it three days me your niece will love it,and for sure you will..cheers!

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Too scary I would say but i guess it depends on the child. At 8 I know my niece would have been a little spooked.

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@jjmah -You’ll see if you go:)

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No, it would not be ok for an 8 year old. It wouldnt be ok for a 28 year old either. The movie is fucking garbage, avoid at all costs.

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That bad huh? I usually like Burton’s flicks. 9 was a great movie IMHO. Not to be confused with Nine which I didn’t see

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@SeventhSense Yes, that bad. Its in my opinion, like Charley and the chocolate factory. Bullshit movie that had great potential but instead, Burton just pissed all over my childhood. Dont get me wrong, alice looks nice and all, but story is well non existent and they turned it into some bullshit lord of the rings you have a quest thing.

Honestly, Tim Burton isnt the director he used to be. Beetlejuice, Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas, all fucking great, but he hasnt made a good flick in years, since 2003 with big fish IMO.Since then, its just unimaginative remakes. Even corpse bride which was supposed to be original, was just a bullshit rip off of nightmare.

By the way, Tim Burton really didnt really have shit to do with 9. He just produced it.

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Interesting. I didn’t know about 9. He’s an impressive fine artist/illustrator though. Maybe he just made a bucket load of cash and lost his edge. But in all actuality for any director to have the amount of amazing flicks he made is pretty damn impressive. My last movie totally flopped..oh ya I’ve never made a movie.
Here’s a drawing of his you might appreciate
Oh and don’t forget this amazing character

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Took my ten year old last weekend. We all loved it. I’d imagine an eight year old would have no problem, either.

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It’s a bit violent in moments, but I think it’d be all right.

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@SeventhSense I agree, Burton is a wildly imaginative genius when it comes to art. He is having a display at the Philadelphia art museum soon that im thinking of going to actually. I think your scenario is quite likely, he just doesnt have it anymore. And thats fine, but stop making movies, let us remember him for all the great movies he put out before, than this trend of garbage we are seeing now. Even if he went just to doing the illustrative properties and left the writing to someone else thatd be good.

I know I sound pretty harsh on Burton, but growing up he has always been my favorite director, so seeing him not only making sub-par movies, but also butchering childhood favorites, kinda kills me.

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I went to see it with my 13 year old daughters. They were surprised during some scenes because, I mean we all know, how spontaneous Tim Burton is with his movies. But it has heart in it, and it gives a good message but there are some very cruel and gruesome takes in it. I mean, a little mouse poking out eyeballs. (AHH) and other gross scenes. I guess it does depend on how mature this 8 yr old is. Has she read the book? I think shell be able to take it (if she puts her hand over eyes at the end) :)

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You can’t go home again as they say.

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I was wondering the same thing about my 6 year old. I have a 16 year old who talked about seeing this movie so much she got the 6 year old interested. I took both of them to see this movie last night. I covered the 6 year olds face during the gouging of the eye. But by the end of the movie she would no longer let me cover her face. She watched the entire slaying of the Jabberwocky and it didn’t bother her a bit. She loved the movie and wants to buy it when it comes out on DVD. I basically threw caution to the wind and thought what the heck let’s go and see what happens. No ill effects and I am glad I went because I too loved the movie.

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