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I need advice on how to convert 600+ CDs to mp3s, and advice on the best way to store them?

Asked by saznyc (4points) March 16th, 2010

How to convert CDs to mp3s? Where to store the mp3s most easily?

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I store mine on an external hard drive.

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use iTunes, and change the default import file type to MP3. it will look up the correct song/album names, as well as album art.

whether or not you choose to use it as your media player is up to you, but you can then, as mentioned above, use an external hard drive if your internal can’t handle that capacity.

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I used to use winamp to do all my converting.
I just did a rough estimate, but 100 of my albums take up 8GB. So thats about 50GB total for you.

Remember to back up anything you have on Hard Drive that you don’t want to lose because hard drives do go bad. So thats about 11 DVDs.

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I would rip them at 320bps to conserve quality and then store them an a NAS (Network Accessible Storage). That a huge (1TB or more) external hard drive that you accept through the router on your home network. Everyone should have a router at home anyway.

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I use this softwae: to rip 500+ CD’s the software worked well, quality was good. the company also makes a robotic soluion.

For storage I would us networked attatched storage (NAS) with a RAID 1 mirror so if he drive fails you arent stuck ripping CD’s again.g

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I second a few of these ideas.

—iTunes works well for me, but it looks like ripstation micro ds might be better if you want to get the job done faster.
—Store them as MP3s. It’s the only format that plays on absolutely all hardware and software
—320kbps is probably good. I would try different settings with headphones and compare to the original CD. 256kbps sounds just like a CD to me, so I use 320, for a little margin

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I imported 2700 into media centre and then backed them up onto my homeserver. It took about 3 months and many litres of vodka!!

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