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so there's a girl thats keeps looking at me but I also be checking her out to I know her name and she knows mine but I really dont know how to talk to her any ideas???

Asked by Speedyg (8points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Is she looking at you right now or is this a usual “meeting?”

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accodently bump into her a couple times

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Go up and say hey my name is _____, you may already know me. If she offers her name in return stay and talk and make her laugh. Don’t chat to long though, you want to leave her wanting to talk more. Don’t forget to at least give her your number and possibly ask for hers! Always seem confident, I swear girls can smell confidence.

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They tend to smell fear more than they smell confidence, and it is fear that puts them off. They might be attracted to the confident man but they walk away from the guy who exudes desperation.

It is okay to telegraph a little vulnerability, sometimes they think it’s cute, but the guy who shows himself to be a quivering mass of jelly is going to spend Saturday night at home with his parents.

One other comment: Audentes fortuna iuvat. – Virgil.


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say “what that smell like!?!!”

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hey dude, just b urself, or go back to highschool

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Firstly, there is no ‘one chat up line fits all’ way of guaranteeing a confident first move. If you could be more specific about your relationship as it stands It allows others to give much better informed advice. For instance, what do you have in common? I.e. do you work/go to school together? Is she in your evening class? The environment you are in plays an important part in making the first move and breaking the ice. Remember, first impressions last so make sure you don’t overdo it – if you screw it up the first time it’s very possible that you won’t get another chance.

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