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What's your best quitting story?

Asked by TLRobinson (2370points) March 16th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m watching an episode of The Office where Micheal resigns. It had me thinking, have you ever quit/resigned from a job where it was memorable?

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The one I remember the best was a warehouse job. All of management was just filled with the vilest, self-serving, vindictive kind of people. I wanted to see my best friend graduate from the college. She was the first in her family to go to. I’d asked for time off three weeks in advance. They said they’d think about it. I decided if they said no, I’d quit. I was one of their best workers. “First to arrive, last to leave” kind of deal. During lunch, I read my horoscope and it said that I would do something today I’d been meaning to for a long time. I’d been wanting to quit for a long time. After lunch, I asked about the time off. They said no, I said goodbye. I still have the horoscope in my wallet.

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It was Saturday night, the busiest night of the week. I had been working as a dishwasher at the restaurant for all of five days. The dishes came in faster and faster. When they were piled up so high on three sides of me that I couldn’t see over them, I went to the chef, gave him some grief, and then yelled, “I quit!” I stomped out the back door.

I never went back, and was totally surprised when they sent me a pay check for the days I had worked.

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I’ve always done the 2 week- month notice, so nothing memorable. @py_sue niiiice!

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The Bastard on the crew was promoted to Engineer/Manager. On his last day, at quitting time, he stood up and flipped off the entire office with both hands.
A year and a half later, he left engineering (because of a sexual harrassment suit), and became the boss of the crew he had flipped off 18 months earlier.
He went on the be The Worst Boss Ever.

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I did not feel my manager was an honorable person, and I had an offer for another job. I went in to work prepared to give him my two weeks notice, but he had already had my replacement (his girlfriend) prepare a check for six weeks pay, and informed me I no longer worked there.

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I have a got fired story that’s kinda good. Not the same thing, of course, as quitting. I worked nights at a home improvement store. On a Wednesday, I clocked out and clocked back in for lunch. When it was time to go home, I tried to clock out and it wouldn’t go through. I made a joke that I had been fired and no one told me.

I waited for the HR manager for about an hour to ask him about moving to a day shift. When I finally met with him, I told him what happened with the time clock and he told me I had been fired on Sunday. He already the rest of my check cashed in an envelope.

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Mine was when I quit working for a Mercedes dealership. I wasn’t very happy there as it had been bought by another motor group & they’d installed really crappy managers. I’d requested a Monday off as I wanted to see the band Feeder on the Sunday night & it was a long drive to the concert. At first they said yes, then changed their mind about a week before hand. I decided to go anyway & took the Monday off regardless. When I walked in on the Tuesday my boss was standing there like a prick waiting, & as I approached he looked at me said “Well?” I paused, pulled the dealership keys out of my pocket & threw them at him…. To my delight they hit him in the face as he made no attempt to catch them. I turned round & walked out.

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I only have one. One night at the fast-food restaurant my boss apparently lit the wrong burner and cooked the 5 gallon pot that held all the utensils. All the plastic spatulas melted into a 6” thick molten mess around 50 or more stainless steel various whatever. It was late on a Friday and he said well get busy and start cleaning up the mess. I politely declined and laughed loudly as I walked out the back door!

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My very first job was working for a book-keeper (they weren’t called accountants back then.) My “office” was in a safe with one bare lightbulb hanging over my head. I went out for morning tea one day and just kept walking…..until I reached home.

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I was hired for longer then my “freelance” time. That caused the company to have to hire me.
They were not happy about this. Not because of my performance but due to budgetary reasons.

They sent me to an out of the way location. It was a mess there, totally out of control. I was not happy. I would call once a week asking to be fired.
I would not quit.

Finally two months later I was called into the office and told they were letting me go. In my exiting interview I was asked for any suggestions.
I said I would like another week of severance pay. Of course they did not do that.
I never thought that being fired would feel so good. :-)

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One of the owners could not get along with anyone, and would burn bridges, and then later expect favors from the same people. I watched this person scream, in a fit of rage that resembles a baby’s tantrum, at a client for being 10 minutes late, and that cemented the fact that this job was just a paycheck.

The other owner had no common sense and was out of touch with reality. The company had no clear direction and arrogant, inexperienced, inefficient management. The work was too elementary, and my contributions were not appreciated. This company was not going anywhere, and neither was I if I stayed. I was trying to hold out as long as possible until I could figure out what I really wanted to do with my life.

Abruptly, at 5 pm on a Friday, I was asked to work over the weekend. I asked to be compensated for the over time. When the company refused, I picked up my personal stuff the following Monday, and never went back.

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This wasnt me but a co-worker and close friend at the grocery store that we worked at grabbed the intercom and said “Attention shoppers, would the person who owns the car with the license plate number ILUV69 please come to the front desk. Neo-Nazi skin heads flipped the car over and set it on fire.” This was in the middle of the day on Saturday the place was packed, all you heard was dead slience, then there was my friend running away from a manager shouting “You cant fire me I quit!”

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