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Can you laugh at the parts of your personal views/religion/beliefs that are inconsistent or funny?

Asked by JeanPaulSartre (5779points) March 16th, 2010

It’s sometimes important to be able to laugh at ourselves – but a lot of times our personal views, religions and beliefs get more weight than we give ourselves. Are you able to laugh at this part of your life as well?

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Absolutely – when it comes to my partner and I and our friends, the kinds of things we usually joke about are all about making fun of ourselves or using the insults or crap others throw at up and exaggerate upon it. Works out pretty well except when people don’t know we’re joking and really think we’re racist homophobic classists. And sometimes, you just gotta laugh instead of crying.

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NO! Being an Atheist is very serious, serious fucking business, yo.

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I laugh at alot more than just religion ;)

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I’m a vegetarian lacto-ovo-pescatarian and I tell myself fish is ok because fish don’t have feelings, yet I talk to my beta and give him special fish treats when I think I’ve been neglecting him. I get mocked, mostly inside my own head.
The truth is, I ain’t giving up sushi.

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It kind of depends on what I want to laugh about and what I want to take seriously.

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I go back and forth between militant atheist, and semi-Christian transcendentalist. My beliefs make no sense, I make no effort to justify or reconcile them, and I find that all funny that they are so nonsensical, but that’s okay because I’m only human, and I don’t have to make sense.

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Yes! The Christian culture sparks my laughter quite often – mostly out of my thinking to self, “I can’t BELIEVE they act like that!!”

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Ask your spouse this.

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@eponymoushipster um, spouse answered first
any other contributions from you? like an answer to the question, maybe? no? well, that’s just shocking!

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I love the answers to this. ...for the most part…

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I say, “What’s the use of religion if you can’t make fun of it?”

My late father was a very religious man, a man of sincere faith and practice and also a teacher of theology. He firmly believed that God has a sense of humor. He could also laugh at religious-based humor, including jokes and witticisms based on his own religious culture. He even laughed at my holy wisecracks now and then, not that I wasn’t a little bit careful which ones I sprang on him.

As an atheist, I think atheism is just as funny as any of them, and sometimes a little bit more so because it can be just as stiff-necked and prudish in its own way as a blessed Pilgrim father.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir i laugh at people who jump through hoops to appear edgy. yawn

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Now, now. God is watching you. 0.o

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@eponymoushipster lol, is that what you think of me? hahahhahaha….oh, that’s excellent

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I constantly laugh at myself.

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Yes, because the rest of you are going to hell. Muaaahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!

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Sure, if I run across an inconsistency in my belief system. But when I do, after the laugh, I change it. I would really get a laugh out of keeping on believing in things I don’t believe in.

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It mainly just frustrates me because I hope that I can be consistent. But once I realize the incongruence, I can move foward and learn from it. It’s always good to have some humor about it and enjoy the unbearable lightness of being

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I saw the movie, but I bet the book would be good….depressing, yet hopeful stuff.

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I think the only way I can laugh at any of the things mentioned is if I feel at some level it is wrong and amusing. If I feel it is wrong but continue to follow that belief or point of view then I couldn’t find that amusing or funny. I mean what do I say to myself.
’‘Oh, Pan you are such the hypocrite.” HA! HA! HA!.
No, that wouldn’t be funny at all.
If I however, I did learn something in a amusing way that challenged my beliefs or points of view and made me see I was wrong, then I may chuckle at how naive I was.
But I do laugh at myself quite often. I crack myself up. Sometimes all I have to do is look in the mirror in the morning and look at my hair. I feel its a challenge to see if I can get worse the next time. Cracks me right up. LOL

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As a person interested in the cultivation of my own philosophy, if the different parts of the world-system in my mind are inconsistent or contradictory, it feels like there’s a knife in my brain. I can, however, laugh at my using really old lingo or unconsciously returning to an old habit.

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Beliefs, by their very nature, invoke inconsistency.

Nothing wrong with laughing if something humorous presents itself. Purposely looking for something humorous about my personal views, religion or beliefs is energy misdirected.

That energy might be best directed toward translating belief to knowledge.

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Don’t have really have any inconsistant beliefs left, but can I ever laugh at myself, just because!

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Oh ya, definitely. Especially when I start to get all puffed up like this:

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Yes. There are bits in the Bible that I skim over because we all know that it contradicts itself from time to time. I take the good lessons and leave the crap.

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The Bible delivers more oddities than just contradictions. I was in hysterical disbelief the first time I read the story of the Golden Hemorrhoids (Emerods) in the King James Version, but it’s really there. Here is an irreverent retelling; if you want the reverent version, go look at I Samuel 5.

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i’m working on it. as a lover of mirth generally, but i find scant humour in the waging of unjust wars, but other less political aspects are a source of much hilarity :D

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If you can’t laugh at yourself you can’t keep things in perspective, you lose your grip on reality and this includes your personal views/religion/beliefs. Life is short, make fun of it!

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The funny parts, yes. There are no inconsistent parts, just ones that need more explaining.

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