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Who is your (current) favorite truly independent (unsigned) band or singer?

Asked by JeanPaulSartre (5779points) March 16th, 2010

I’m currently digging Dan Costello – local Brooklyn Singer/Songwriter – a new friend and a pretty cool guy to boot.

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There are a few songs from local shows up on Youtube, but I’m too lazy to go search for a good version.
Such a great person and one of the biggest activists that I know.
So maybe I’m biased, but I really enjoy his music. Acoustic wins my heart all the time.

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fuckin awesome rangerr. Thanks for that :)

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I think their website is down, so I can’t send you a link. Try them on myspace if you get the time. IIRC, they have taken most of their music off the web, but they do have vinyl albums available. They are great people too. They took a long time to send me my album, so they sent me another one for free, plus buttons, a poster, and a set of hand made stationery. Their music rocks too.

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There are several wonderful indie Winnipeg artists, too. But Tune-Yards floats my boat like no one else.

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Yay – thanks folks!

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If I was going to go for shameless self-promotion I’d say my own band, but I’m not.

Locksley is up there for me, and it’s quite a bit more mainstream than ones mentioned above. Just nice, happy power-pop. They’re also the most Beatles-esque band I’ve heard in a long time.

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This is a close friend of mine. He JUST made this page a couple of days ago, but he’s by far my favorite unsigned artist :)

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Well, here’s an interview with Moth!Fight!, if that counts for anything.

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My friends front the Belmondos. They are amazing live!

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I totally didn’t think anyone would post! You’ve renewed my faith in Fluther. I love that these are friends’ bands, etc. Awesome. I feel a great deal of positive feelings toward music that’s made outside of “the system.”

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I partied with The Royal Heist last night, and the drummer had me laughing my ass off with his stories, so I’ll go with them.

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The Anthony Lattanze Band played at a local festival a few years back. They were great. Im having a hard time finding any of their music online though so the link is just short clips.

Edit: Found 1 whole song here its the first one.

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A band from Australia called Ecliptic.

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Matt Weddle Obadiah Parker they might be signed by now

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The Sudden Passion

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