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Is there any way to dowload videos from youtube.

Asked by HSTdis (37points) March 16th, 2010 from iPhone

I was wondering if there is any way to download videos you view on youtube to your HD?PC or MAC?

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Realplayer puts a “Download this video” link on youtube (and other) videos.

It is a free program, but the installer will try to sell you upgrades and install toolbars. So don’t blindly hit every “OK” button, take your time.

Works in Windows XP, Vista & 7.
I have not tried it on a Mac.

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download firefox, flashgot plugin and flashget. when on the youtube page, right-click and choose “flashgot media”. youtube videos are saved in flv, btw.

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Sometime you can roll your mouse over the video and a little thing will pop up saying “download this video” You can download realplayer (where that thing pops up) here

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Firefox + greasemonkey + this = Awesome

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google search youtubedownloader. it works great

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yeah, the youtube downloader is the one I have always used, but I don’t know where to get it. Like @FevoIsGod said, google it. It’s kind of cheap looking, but it works well.

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I use the Download Helper add-on for Firefox. It works on both Mac and Windows. It also can download videos and music files from any site. I find it quite useful.

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Download videosoft software.

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“This“!/group.php?gid=376416120785&ref=ts uses a javascript code, and if you search enough you can find the way to bookmark it, but I forgot.

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YOUTUBEDOWNLOADER IS THE FUCKING BEST BEST BEST!!! I looooveee <3 <3 <3 that frikking program!! Downloads every youtube clip! I was so happy when I found that program! Thank you to whoever took the time to make it =P

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@whyigottajoin *Program

Programme is what they used to call T.V. shows way back when.

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@XOIIO woepsie, thanks! =P

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Hey I just tried youtubedownloader yesterday and since youtube has a new look, it doenst work anymore =( It keeps saying “no link found” It WAS the best =P

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