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Iphone 1.1.4 faster battery drain?

Asked by LuckVIII (367points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

anyone else experience a faster battery drain that before? Even when I am not using the iPhone us reached 1/3 by the end of day vs 1/2 battery drain?

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apple discussions might be able to give you more solid answers, not to mention if you post it there, apple employees will notice your complain and work to fix it. That’s a good thing for all of us!

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Oh my god, thank god I’m not alone ;-) I’ve been feeling the faster drain too.

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If your smart and only turn on wifi when you need it, as well as closing pages that aren’t being used and clearing directions in maps, you may find your battery will last longer. A big unnessicary battery drainer is the wifi finder.

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A friend of mine experienced this yesterday. He let the battery drain completely before recharging it to full capacity, and it was back to normal. Your mileage may vary.

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@trooman I believe the question was talking about battery drain after the new 1.1.4 update. We can probably assume that LuckyVII was using the same settings he had durring 1.1.3.

Also my understanding with webpages in safari is that when you don’t have safari open, iphone isn’t downloading or updating any of the web pages you currently have open.

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I personaly have noticed BETTER battery life… Unless I turn on bluetooth. Then I seem to lose battery at horedace speeds.

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I have also been experiencing bluetooth issues all around. Not pairing, saying it’s paired when it isn’t. Saying it’s communicating with bluetooth when there is nothing for it to communicate with. I might just try for a full restore. see if that does anything.

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mine was doing it. But I did a manual reboot and it hasn’t been draining quick at all

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Ive noticed a quicker battery drain as well

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I had this same problem for the past week and found the solution on Apple Discussions. After this fix you wont have to worry about the wifi or constanr mail checking. It is no big deal. To fix it:

• If you are on a mac, open Username/Library/iTunes/iPhone software update folder and delete or move the 1.1.4 file to another folder. This will force iTunes to download a new one. PC users, just do a search for *.ipsw files.
• Connect the iPhone and load up iTunes.
• Do a restore, back up your data, but do not let it “restore from backup”. The only way to get better battery life back is to do a clean and factory fresh restore. You’re only backing up for the sake of backing up.

Once it finishes you will be back at 6hr+ battery life.

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Expanding on what squirbel said:

If you’re on a Mac, go to:

User Library > Application Support > MobileSync > Backup

Inside that folder should be your iPhone backup files. Move them out to the desktop before you do a restore in iTunes. After completing the steps listed in squirbel’s post, move the backup files back into the MobileSync > Backup folder, then you should be able to do a restore and use your own backup.

The result is an iPhone that has had a complete, clean restore, and then has all your data restored on it.

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