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What did you do the last time you stepped out of your front door?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) March 16th, 2010

From the mundane to the spectacular, I’d love to know what you did the last time you went out your front door. Last time I went out, it was to carry an old, discarded toilet out to the curb. Trash day is tomorrow.

If you have any commentary that your last trip out the door reminds you of, feel free to embellish. My city is thinking of imposing an additional tax for trash collection in my town. I wonder how that will work.

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Went out to get take out.

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My last trip out the door was to work and when I arrived I received excellent news. :)

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I got the mail. I was excited because I wanted my census form. It came. Yay! I have no idea why I am excited.

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This morning to go to work; came back in it when I came home. I have no driveway, and no garage off the alley. I do have back and side doors that never get used. The back gets used to take the trash out, grill out on the deck, gardening.

We live on the front porch. Heaven forbid that someone we know would walk by and we didn’t talk to them. The front porch is well-lit and spacious.

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About 20 minutes ago. Trash day was last night.

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to get laptop from car so I can Fluther

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To take my dog for an evening walk along the river.

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I walked out to my car to get a lighter.

Its the end of a long day. Time to smoke :P

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Another “trash night” story. Except I tripped down the stairs and got a pretty wicked scratch on my leg.

lilikoi's avatar

To go for a walk.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

To take my final Drama exam. All done! Yay! :D

mollypop51797's avatar

To get into the car to drive to the airport. Sunny Florida here I come!

TexasDude's avatar

Changed out the wiper blades on my car and repaired the wiper fluid lines that had been damaged somehow.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I went to work and had a relatively stress free day.

lillycoyote's avatar

Mundane does not even begin to describe it. I went to the curb and retrieved my empty recycling container and brought it back up to the house. Today was recycling pick up.

Ltryptophan's avatar

Rode my bicycle. (back door, does that count??)

faye's avatar

Went to get groceries and stopped in at the pub to see some friends.

Tringveryhard's avatar

To go to work…bleurgh

squidcake's avatar

Went to school.

Barcybarce's avatar

I also changed my wiper blades…random

Jude's avatar

I was holding up my drawers (pants) as I ran out to move my car, so, that my sister could pull out. I grabbed the closet pair of pants. The draw string’s gone, they’re stretched out, so, they were barely hanging.

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Last trip out was to take apples to a special spot that the deer have been frequenting. I tracked them all winter and I know carrots and apples are on their want list.

Tropical_Willie's avatar

Went to a Civitan meeting, we meet twice a month. Completing plans for Flapjack fest this weekend. Profit to go to local ARC ( persons w/disabilities ) .

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@jjmah I enjoyed that, thanks

casheroo's avatar

I went for a walk with my family. It was my first real walk since having the new baby, it felt so great to get out in the sunshine and have my 2.5 year old run around and burn some energy off. I’m going to miss when my husband goes back to work full time :(

Jeruba's avatar

Nearly all my coming and going is through the side door. The last time I went out the front was yesterday afternoon, to tell my son (who was mowing the lawn) that I was leaving for class.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

There are several raccoons that live nearby. They were making an awful racket, and I thought two of them were fighting. I stepped outside to see what was going on. Turns out it was sex, not fighting.

nope's avatar

Just got back from a 2.5 mile walk.

Mamradpivo's avatar

I walked downstairs to my car and drove to work.

Jeruba's avatar

Raccoon sex, yiii. The first time I heard them going at it in the tree right above our bedroom, I thought something was being slaughtered. Naturally I sent my husband out with a flashlight to investigate.

KhiaKarma's avatar

Thought I was going to walk my dog to the store, but discovered it was raining, so hopped in car, disappointed dog in tow.

starshine's avatar

went to go pick up my paycheck, talked to my boss’ son for a few minutes. Later on, I was talking to mom about the conversation and now she thinks he basically purposed to me. oh, my mother….

JeanPaulSartre's avatar

I went to help @Simone_De_Beauvoir at work and get some foodstuff.

knitfroggy's avatar

I went out to go to my mom and dad’s to visit for a while. My dad thought he was being funny and farted by my head. My 10 year old daughter about wet herself over that one. Then we went to Walmart to buy my daughter a St. Patrick’s Day shirt to wear to school tomorrow. Oh, an my husband called while we were gone and asked me to pick up a new toilet plunger because the toilet was clogged.

bagelface's avatar

went out in search of a burger place i’d never been to. found it. ate a burger. yum

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

Walking the dog. Just got back actually.

majorrich's avatar

Picked up the mail.. NO BILLS!!! “YEAH!!

FevoIsGod's avatar

called my friend on the way to the gym.i was bragging about the awesome weather in California.

Coloma's avatar

Just went out into my garage and got a bag of grass seed. I am planting a grass bowl. haha

@FevoIsGod Oh yes! The weather was amazing today!

WolfFang's avatar

I went out, sniffed the air and grabbed a post package ._.

iam2smart99037's avatar

Went to go get an ice cream sundae with my sister at Braum’s. A. my sundae didn’t have enough peanut butter on it. B. it was freezing, and even though we were in the 60’s last weekend, it’s gonna snow THIS weekend. (gotta love Oklahoma!)

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I just came in from walking Walker (age 9 -rottweiler-shepherd cross) and Mocha 10 month old Red Heeler (australian cattle dog) crossbreed.

FevoIsGod's avatar

@Dr_Lawrence i just got a 2 year old rottweiler-German shepherd mix. looks more like a rottweiler though

john65pennington's avatar

Wife and i brought in ten gallons of spring water for our coffee. we never drink faucet water and truly hate to take a shower in it. too much chlorine in our public water ruins a good cup of coffee. spring water makes all the difference.

Sarcasm's avatar

Went to the grocery store, to pick up milk and Mac ‘n Cheese. Pok√©mon Mac ‘n Cheese, to be specific. It was pretty glorious, if I may say.

Bluefreedom's avatar

I took about 2 steps and picked up the package that UPS left on my porch earlier in the day. It doesn’t get much more mundane that that.

thriftymaid's avatar

Brought the groceries into the house.

FireMadeFlesh's avatar

Went to uni for the day.

Shae's avatar

i went to my office to pick up supplies so that tomorrow I can teach volunteers how to teach kids to protect our ground water.

deni's avatar

Leaned on the railing for a minute. Decided it had gotten too chilly to be outside in a t shirt. Turned around and came back in.

liminal's avatar

Took my aging yellow lab for a walk.

Zen_Again's avatar

Walked the dog.

chyna's avatar

Picked up a lady whose great dane was dragging her across my yard. It was quite funny. She wasn’t hurt, just muddy.

escapedone7's avatar

I went to the post office to mail a bunch of bills, cards to friends, and my census. I stopped by the pharmacy and dropped off a prescription. I bought some bottled water on the way home. Wow, my life is exciting.

Just_Justine's avatar

I went to buy paint, then off to buy coke and chips and muffins (for my painter loll). I also nipped to the bank, I was supposed to be going out the front door to work as I do each day but I was bunking… sssshhhh!

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

In and out back again.

This might just be the perfect eternal question. I predict you will get thousands of responses throughout the coming decades

Two vodka tonics (one was a double) later wandering in from my local Tuesday night watering whole, talking with Brenda and Meghan about Brenda’s little brother who wants to score some Salvia Divinorum because he heard of a big shipment just came into town. The kid is 18 years old and is pursuing psychedelic drugs. He’s also type C diabetic and was supposed to have died 2 years ago but is living life to the fullest pursuing his art career in ceramics and working as an apprentice painting false glass eyeballs for those in need.

To be continued…

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@chyna Was it a pretty Dane? I demand pictures, please. :)

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That’s funny. I was going to ask for pictures of your boffing coons.

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

BTW… I’m so glad you didn’t ask about my back door.

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rushed out told dog to be a good dog till dinnertime got in car drove drove drove saw little light come on on the dash 35 miles from home pulled over called dealer “Go to the dealer further up the road they’re closer to where you are” went there called daughter in law no I can’t get to your city to watch your child while you take your other child for neuro exam sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry but not willing to die; waited five hours paid $800 for new water effing pump drove home, had pizza with stepson, other daughter in law and baby called other son who is father of baby with neuro exam who said his wife was very upset. we all are.
perfect day.

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~ gives @susanc a hug ~ Wow!

I am glad my day was boring!

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I turned around & locked it.

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I fastened the seat belt for my daughter, told her I love her, and waved goodbye as she left for school.

Theby's avatar

I crossed the street to my car and tore off the number plates as I sold it today and it is not registered.

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I went to the shop yesterday to buy squash. Haven’t been out today, looks to cold. Need to go out tomorrow so it will probably rain.

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Went to catch a bus and go to work.

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Does coming back in count…been out all afternoon cutting back my crazy out of control exotic grasses…it’s a jungle out there. haha

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Walked to the bank then to the park and laid in the grass for hhhourrrsss :)

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