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is there really a god?

Asked by mssamayray (103points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

ive been questioning the way people tell YOU what to believe lately. and I was wondering what other people believed.

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This one has been discussed before and I still say YES there is a God.

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this is what confuses me.
how do you know this?
because people say so.
we know Shakespeare was made up.
why not a god?
I’m not here to question any persons religion.
but see peoples opinion.

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truth is perspective.

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There are many… but only in myths.

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Shakespeare was made up? Citation needed.

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its a theory.
that he never existed.
and the queen had written the plays herself.

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There are strong theories that William Shakespeare was a low-life paid to be the “face” of a brilliant writer who did not want his name or likeness to be known to anyone because he felt it tarnished his art.

Another theory is that it was a gay closeted writer who paid William to take the fame, though I don’t believe it.

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there may be god, if u believe. I don’t. I Believe in myself, in existentialism.

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well sorry, but i find it extremely hard to believe everything on this earth just ended up here. i could understand trees and bacteria, etc. but i will never believe organisms started to develop vocal cords, or brain matter, or chemicals to control emotions, or emotions themselves. love is not of the body, love is of G-d and G-d is love.
that is my opinion and my life is based around the Father and doing His will on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Just curious ishotthesheriff: what faith are you of? i think i remember something about G-d being usually associated with Judaism, but I can never remember.
I do agree with you though; i think that even the arguments backing such statements have also downplayed.
Movie to check out soon: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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In Judaism it is against their theology to write out “God”

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Probably not. If I was a betting man, I’d say definitely not.

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I feel that religion, and thus, by extension God (to me) is irrelevant bunk. These institutions were created once upon a time out of many necessities – for example, putting people into communities, giving structures, etc. Nowadays, religion as an institution is an overfed, overindulged group that could probably use some pruning. Regarding God in himself I feel that science is a much more practical answer; plus, I can’t imagine God creating Adam and Eve and then saying “So about those things between your legs – this is how you use them”. Evolution sounds much more reasonable. That’s just me though.

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God can be anything, therefore I believe in God.

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i’ve seen so many films about evolution and the bang and other creation theories (i’m honestly just really tired right now and can’t remember anything, i’m sorry), but even through all of them, and doubting my faith sometimes, i still find some reasoning that just blows all those theories out of the water.

and onto churches. today’s churches, and well, throughout history, have been disgusting and a disgrace to what true Christianity is. especially today with the mega churches and man just people selling Jesus like a damn vacuum cleaner.

@ skwer, i am a Christian. but i agree with the reasoning behind not spelling out His name.

i believe in community, love, sacrifice, faith, living, and the Father’s, my G-d’s, will. I believe He dwells in every living thing, from the plants, animals, leaves, to dirt and humans.
@mark, for some reason, i doubt G-d instructed them like that. animals do it with instinct…and even if He did, there was no shame such as everyone has now before the great sin. G-d is the father, and i mean parents tell their kids what “those things” are and how they work, right? what’s the difference in G-d doing so?
bring on the bashing /:

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I may be an atheist, but i’ve studied a LOT of theology and I must say that sheriff: I really respect how much you’ve through it all through. I always find myself appreciating and respecting people who choose their religion rather than just following the herd. :)

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Yes. Wish I could explain it, but I can’t. I was confused before too, but certain things happened in my life and God helped me. I know that sounds patronizing – its not meant to. I just know now that God does exisit.

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that’s a question that no one can answer but yourself.

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I think that God is here. I think we don’t really ‘feel’ him unless we want to, unless we want to believe. And what is so wrong with that, I wonder? As I look back on my crazy, but beautiful life, I just cannot even pretend that I don’t ‘see’ the things that God has worked in my life. Sometimes the ‘seeing’ of such things make me laugh out loud! But, the bottom line is that, because I truly believe that he is here with me, I find that I have more strength, more love, more power, more comfort and, ultimately, more peace. So, if he is a myth of MY creating, then he really HAST to be ‘here’ because I never could have created something of such kindness and love on my own.

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oh man,what bunk. sorry. if people could just beleive more in themselves and accept that if you cant imagine something, its just because we dont have the understanding yet. remember, the days when the sun went around the earth and those who didnt agree where excommunicated. every era has people replacing the unknown by this external power

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this has nothing to do with the “unknown”. G-d is real because i know Him. you’re totally off track? the reason i believe in G-d is not b/c i don’t understand something and want to explain it; nothing makes sense until you bring G-d into it- the earth, the sun, the layers of the atmosphere perfectly created, the c.a. 10,000 years the world has been here and what has existed on it.
i’m sorry people are stuck on the belief that Christianity is some soccer mom listening to christian radio and driving her kids to bible school on sunday mornings and grounding them for not complying.

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OK, maybe this may be a little philosophical, but I’m going to try to answer your question…

First of all, we have to define God. Thousands of definitions exist, but I’ll just say that for there to be a God, he must be some kind of all-powerful and all-knowing being. Otherwise, whatever we want to call God, if these qualities do not exist in his essence, then he is something other than God. So with this working definition for God, let’s see if he can exist or not.

If this being exists, insofar as he is all-knowing, then there is nothing which we could discover that he would not already know. If I could, by reason, come to some absolutely certain method for proving his existence, he would first know that method before me. Therefore, I can never outwit God, otherwise this being we are talking about would not be God and must be something else.

Second, in virtue of God’s all-powerful quality, I can never out-maneuver him. He would know my actions before I would (the all-knowing quality) and would be capable (the all-powerful quality) to, if he so chooses, keep me from ever discovering him. Therefore, God can only be known by his revealing himself to man. To say he doesn’t exist or that he does is a task that could, if an all-powerful and all-knowing being existed, be thwarted by that being with his own enacting of laws of science, limiting the capacity of the human mind, dodging man in man’s pursuit of him, etc.

My point is that God can only be known when he chooses to make himself known. This is consistent with my definition of God; should we change the definition, then this argument is useless, I suppose.

I have felt that he has revealed himself to me, and that will be the task of my life to better comprehend his essence and power; but this is, I recognize, subjective evidence for the existence of God. He can only be known when he chooses to make himself known, and for that I hope you continue to seek.

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