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How did you arrive at your ID?

Asked by YoH (1414points) March 16th, 2010

How did you come to the fluther name you use?

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It’s my name. I wish I had felt a little more inventive that day.

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My parents gave it to me.

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My username here and on a number of other online sites is sort of an “analog” of my real name.

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It is my real name.

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When I first joined another site, my user name was my real name. Then I quit, but after a while I wanted back in the game, but keeping a “low profile”. Ergo the name.

I also quit and came back to Fluther. Check out my profile for a little story.

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@ragingloli Das glaube ich nicht.

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Mine’s just my name, too.

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Well, I’m part Creole, I’m learning to fiddle, and I guess I’m a bastard. A very dear lady friend of mine pointed this out to me back in my answerbag days, and the name stuck.

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@bob_ glaub doch was du willst

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I use it for several sites. Originally I joined a site to answer a question about saving money and wanted to use the name thrifty. It was taken, so I just added maid.

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I was drinking a glass of milk and couldn’t think of anything better.

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It was what I chose to come back to the sight with. Sort of a nod to those who knew me before so they might recognize me.

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I escaped a bad situation.

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It’s a long story, but it involves an inside joke, free stuff, and a clumsy waitress.

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a dear friend of mine started calling me starshine this summer. it kinda stuck. only nickname I’ve ever had. Aside from Doogan, but that’s not very flattering, now is it.

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It’s the name of a state park near my home.

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It still pronounces my name correctly, but it’s just spelled differently. cooler.

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Violet has been my internet alias for years
I guess I came up with it originally because it was my favorite color.

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I used it on AIROW (Q&A site, kinda like Fluther). Some time after AIROW shut down, I was told to come join Fluther.
I figured it made the most sense to keep the same username, for the sake of my fellow AIROWians recognizing me.

I chose Sarcasm in the first place because I’m a sarcastic person, surprisingly enough. I’m kind of getting tired of this name. but I don’t know what I’d want to use instead of it.

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I’ve been using Thelonemonk or Lonemonk since 1995 back in the Prodigy days. I was way into Thelonious Monk at the time and Lonemonk has a nice ring to it, at least in my ear.

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Sometimes I feel like I change to match my surroundings, like a Chameleon, and the “opotamus” is so my name wasn’t just “chameleon”. Gives it that mutt, mashup vibe. Like a platypus: a mixture of completely different things that have no business being mixed together into one animal; and I guess that’s me in a way. I always like to come up with ridiculous user names that represent me in some way. I chose HuckleberrySlim for my YouTube as a nod to my favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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