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To what would you respond with the phrase, "Well played, (name)!"?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) March 17th, 2010

Sometimes when someone pulls a creative stunt (in the form of clever sayings, phrases and what not), you might say, “Well played, (name).”

What are some situations where this would happen? List as many as you can think of. Thanks.

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If I’m going back and forth with someone and they comeback with something that I think is particularly clever I will say that because I have no comeback.

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I said it the other day. I walked up to the counter at the convenience store, and a man was asking a woman at the counter if she wanted him to call the police. He sounded very concerned. She was a bit confused, but said no, why? He said: because someone stole he bottom of your pant legs (she had on pants that stopped about midway down the calf). He said it with such earnestness that it totally made the joke (though she probably thought he was a jerk). I said, “Well played, sir”.

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If on that “OMGPOP” drawing game (forget the name, I think it’s called “Draw My Thing?”) someone gets the word “cup” and they draw the words “2 girls, 1 ___” and everyone guesses it, one of the players will say, “Well played, (player). Well played.”

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Maybe if I catch one of my friends in bed with my mom…

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I say that to the sorry soul whose asssssssss I just kicked after a round of golf! lol! :))

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Doing a header down the stairs is always good for a “nice move”!

Wiping out on roller blades is also good for standing ovations.

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I would say it after my opponent struck the ball well in a spirited polo match. Well played indeed!

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Bocci ball, croquet, cricket, or a fox hunt also seem like good places to bust out that phrase. Maybe backgammon. I’ve never met anyone that truly understood how to play that game

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A good cross.
A good kick to touch.

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1. Someone places a banana peel on the floor causing me to slip and slide across the floor in a hilarious manner.

2. Someone drops and anvil off a cliff (probably in an arid desert-like place) which I happen to be underneath.

3. Someone uses dynamite, labelled “Acme,” to blow me to bits in a hilarious manner.

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I use a variation, replacing “sir” or “madam” with the name bit.

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Could be any number of situations such as a game or legal strategy and maneuvering.

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Anytime someone makes a surprise move that puts them at an advantage in a game.

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In response to someone successfully asking someone to pull their finger.

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