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Will this food be edible?

Asked by kidkosmik (452points) March 17th, 2010

I forgot my lunch at home. :-( I left two pieces of seasoned chicken breast and a baked potato inside a Tupperware on my dining room table. This was at 8AM, will it be edible when I get home at 5/5:30?

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Not unless you want to get really sick. Sorry.

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I was thinking that too. Oh well..

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Mmm… breast…

I mean, no, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t risk it.

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I think it would depend on how warm your house is and what not. I wouldn’t because I’ve found things left in tupperware/plastic tend to spoil quicker when left out.

Then again- if you like living dangerously and by the seat of your pants (heh heh) then go for it.

I would chalk it up as a loss, though.

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I’d eat it…’s not like its in a hot area or in direct sunlight or something. And 8 or 9 hours is not an extremely long amount of time. Eat it, eat it, eat it!

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Well, I think I’d give it the ol sniff test before I gobbled it down!

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If it’s over 42 degrees in your living room, don’t eat it.

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I left buffalo chicken wings out for 2 days straight and then ate them for breakfast….no harm done

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@deni – You got very lucky. I will say that I’m glad you didn’t get sick – I like you!

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@tedibear39 hahahah aaaawwwwwww thank you internet lovin right back at ya :)

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Refigerated and then not refrigerated for 8 hrs,anything poultry, is a No No in my book.

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Meat stays good at room temperature for 24 hours.

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Temp in the dining/living area is in the high 50’s during the day. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

@deni That’s scary.

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If it’s cooked food, it will be fine. I’ve left casseroles on the counter overnight and they’ve gone on to lead productive lives in my stomach.

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Nine hours at room temperature for chicken? Not a chance. (says the guy who has a Food Safety & Hygeine certificate).

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This has answers to the chicken debate.

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