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Is there a spray to attract dogs toward certain toys?

Asked by Supacase (14533points) March 17th, 2010

Our dog chews a lot. I think a lot of it is just needing something to do, so we gave her bones. Now she won’t eat her food because she is eating the bone instead, so I want to limit them but she will chew our daughter’s toys (or our bedspread) if she doesn’t have a bone or some other chewing approved item. She shreds all of her toys, even the supposedly indestructible ones.

I really, really want to attract her to the nylabones, but she is not interested. The kong works for a short while. She chewed the first kong into little red pieces so I had to get the extra strong black one.

So, is there anything I can put on the nylabone to attract her to it – without getting it all over the carpet and house?

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I am pretty sure you could get a candy spray.

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Peanut butter. If you can find a way to spray it.

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How about bacon grease? Make a slice of bacon or two and just slather it all over the bone. Heck.. I’D chew on it..

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Just give your dog plenty to chew. Mine is the same way, loves his toys.

And just leave the food out. Your dog will eventually eat.

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rub the toy on another dog’s butt!

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Any kind of meat rubbed on will probably work…for awhile.
I would take the dog out and exercise her until she drops.Sometimes a dog will do that when it is bored.

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There is a perfect dog chew toy to solve your problem.

You have the black Kong that I got for my puppy who chews like an alligator. You can put food snacks inside, or even peanut butter.

Very quickly they will love to chew on and play with this toy constantly even when there is no food in it.

Yes, they are a bit pricey but the black one is still in one piece after five months and no more chewing on other things like shoes, feet or extension cords.

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This article on chewing habits from has some great advice. It suggests using cheese or liver within the toy. Dogs absolutely love cheese!

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