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Why are people on the internet so sarcastic, like knife sharp sarcastic?

Asked by Lightning (378points) March 17th, 2010

They don’t give help. They give there ego topped with sarcasm butter. Why? Its really common here.

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do you mean sarcasm or do you mean “people don’t agree with me and make a valid point so I think they’re being mean”? because we have a lot of kids on here who think the latter is the same as the former.

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Because it’s mostly anonymous and there’s nobody to answer to.

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Wrong “there”.

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It’s the electronic equivalent of road rage.

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Mostly because they can. It might be more complicated than that, but it seems simple enough to me.
Not critisizing nobody though, as I do it just as much.

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It’s really not that common . I was on another site like this that has a really good block feature. At first I got a lot of smart mouth responses BUT after I started using the block the smart mouth shit stopped. There were really only a few low life on there it just seemed like a lot. Don’t know if fluther has a block feature but if should. It helps protect members from these kind of attacks and keeps the site pleasant to read. No one wants to read responses to questions and see where some one came in and shit on the floor.

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Oh yeah, it’s just kids alright. Insert eyeroll.

People are usually sarcastic when they view the question as “stupid”. Personally, I tend to be sarcastic when I find the answer stupid or when I want to mock an argument I don’t agree with. Such as implying that gay marriage is the end of the world. Obviously I don’t agree with that and was just being sarcastic to illustrate how illogical I find the opposition to gay marriage to be.

You’ll get help from people who want to help you, don’t worry. Ignore the noise and focus on the helpful bit. However, just because someone disagrees with you, don’t take it as insulting. Everyone has different views and that’s the point of this site: to discuss.

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There’s a crummy apple(s) in every bunch. Learn to ignore it, and enjoy the sweeter (dare I say juicier) parts of the site. :)

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i’m sarcastic when gay guys roll their eyes. such drama queens!

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@shf84 I think a block feature would be an awful idea, and I know many others feel that way… but that’s for a different discussion.

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this site is moderated pretty well, I think

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It’s a good question. I think people are often too quick to tear someone apart for not being as skilled at writing or spelling or thinking. Many of us think that the answers to some questions are so obvious, they can’t believe the question is being asked.

I think there are many young people here who don’t know how to use Google. Others are truly innocent in many ways. There are people from other countries where English is not the native language. There are people who haven’t had much education.

It’s easy to throw out some cutting jibe—sometimes too easy. It’s harder to try to understand someone who is really innocently asking a rather unthinking questions, and to take it seriously.

Often people can’t believe someone can be so “naive” that they call the person a troll. I find this to happen a little too often—or rather, there are many times when I see it happen and I don’t agree. Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think so. I think I’m a pretty good judge of intentions. I’m also not afraid of trolls.

@Lightning I don’t know if it’s really about ego. Sometimes it’s just for fun, but the naive person gets cut sharply by the comment. I apologize if that hurts you. I encourage you to keep on going to show your sincerity. Let people know what you really want or need to know. Most people will stop being mean once they realize who you are.

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What’s wrong with Sarcasm?
I think Sarcasm is a pretty cool guy. eh plays starcraft 2 and speaks German and doesnt afraid of anything.

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sarcasm can sometimes break a tense tone brewing among other posters, especially when it’s bordering on the hilarious.

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The human ego.

It has built cities and crumbled nations.

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Is this a homework question??? ‘Cause if it is I am going to get sarcastic!

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You know what literary tool really pisses me off? Hyperbole!
Everyone does it a million times a day!

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Why do YOU think people are sarcastic, Einstein? It must have taken you AGES to come up with such and insightful question.

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@dalepetrie – Now I know you did not MEAN TO be a douche.

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A few reasons:

1. Some people just have sarcastic personalities, whether you converse with them online or in real life.

2. Others have little patience with questions that seem stupid to them (whether the question is stupid or not), and so they fire off a snappy comeback.

3. The anonymity of the internet allows people to say whatever they want without being called to account for their behavior, so they take advantage of this freedom and might go overboard with the sarcasm, using it in situations where it’s not funny or appropriate. There’s a time and place for everything.

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because being sarcastic is quite fun.

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I went through a stage of sarcasm when I started to realize that the quality of the questions has really gone down. So, I responded to the shitty questions with shitty, sarcasm-filled answers. The questions still aren’t great, but I’ve kind of given up now. Maybe more and more people are realizing the same thing right about now and writing more sarcastic answers.
… or maybe you’re just too sensitive.

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@ChazMaz – actually I did mean to be a douche. I was being ironic for humorous purposes.

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“They give there ego(plural, where’s the “s”?) topped with sarcasm butter. Why? Its(insert apostrophe before “s”) really common here.”
Are you serious? Is this because we jumped you for not doing what your parents tell you?
By the way, I’ve never put any kind of butter on my ego, or any of my other bits.

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I’m just as bad in person….

Response moderated
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@charmander Y’know, in every answer of yours I’ve read, you’ve been a bit of an ass.
For example:
And I think your caps lock is stuck….

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I think most people have the mistaken impression that they are being witty with their sarcastic answers, I know that is the reason I do it.

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@Draconess25 Sorry, I think you may have the wrong “charmander.” Please check out my comment history on my profile, I’ve tried to be nothing but respectful during my short stay in this abode. Also, try to lay off the cursing, it’s not very polite ;)

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@Draconess25 Stop that. You’re feeding it.

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Why did they let go of the baby in the grand canyon? Because they wanted to see what its brains looked like. Duh.

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I love this question. This is something I see all over the internet, not just Fluther. You’ve got your Perez Hilton who loves/hates everyone, you’ve got the entertainment shows that are brutal and outrageously insensitive, and plenty of shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm that ooze sarcasm.

Deep in my heart, I want to write a book / movie / screenplay (hears the silence of eyerolls) but I am EXTREMELY curious how I will handle the criticism and sarcasm directed at my work.

It happens in posts on forums, it has happened on Craigslist. Once a guy internet stalked me because I wrote on “Rants and Raves” how much I loved our local sports bar and he railed me for being an employee who was shamelessly promoting their employer.

I’ve finally come to realize that yes, I am a sensitive person. Armchair psychiatrist asks, did someone in your family yell at you or verbally abuse you?

If the answer is yes, then it will be a challenge to realize these are people who are only remarking on your words, and not WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Once you can see past that, you will stop allowing their comments to have any effect on you.

It’s taken me a long time to realize this and see that without the yang of sarcastic people in this world, the yin of expression would be simply dull.

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@charmander Hmmm….Really now, there’s two charmanders….? Even the same avatar…...How ironic!

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@Draconess25 Lame isn’t he? No troll of class gets banned on the first day. HOW STUPID.

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@Lightning He got banned? That explains why I couldn’t find his profile….I can handle people with attitude problems, but I hate it when they turn & act all innocent. I have to deal with that at school everyday; I’m the district freak. They constantly say things to my friends & behind my back, but they deny it all when I confront them.

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Hey, leggo my Ego?

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Awww, sarcasm can be hilarious in the right context! Sometimes it can be hurtful but mostly quite clever and a valid use of making a point.

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I prefer sarcasm to political/religious squabbles, and grammar nazis. To each their own.

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Probably because it’s funny. Or so they think so. And I do too, sometimes. But not always.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I’m a bit of a grammar nazi….

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Because our mirror neurons can be out of tune. We don’t look the other people in the eye.

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Because it is impersonal. There is no “real” contact as one would have when talking to “real people” in the “real word”.

Another thing is: A sixteen year old wouldn’t talk to a seventy two year older in the real world due to the generational difference or incompatibility or disinterest; you can see that over the internet and even oldies faking they are seventeen…

More: As we speak there is a guy out there who has a million IDs and log in and out of blogs and only produces comments to get paid for it.

The speed of communication has advanced but the quality of communication has and as time moves forward decrease.

Now everyone instead of working to learn go straight to the internet to ask questions that, unbelievable, will find tones of others that will give their own time just so someone out there learn something they are not willing to work for and, possibly will forget about it in no time.

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