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When you go find a spot in the sun close to where you live, where do you go?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) March 17th, 2010

It’s starting to be spring where I live. It’s sunny and warm today. I’d love to be lying in the sun somewhere, but the truth is, there aren’t any really good places to do that. The best around my office is the outdoor food court. At home, there’s my back deck, but it gets shady around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, so it’s really not that good.

Where do you go? What do you do to get the most advantage from the sun? Why are you here, writing to me, instead of lying underneath those balmy rays?

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I go on my back deck. It is sheltered on 2 sides facing south and is rocking warm in the sun even with 12” of snow!

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i go right out on my deck.

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I can walk a block and be at lake michigan:

rest time is over soon, then I am on my way!!!!

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Anywhere. I love Sunny L.A.

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I go and find a secluded spot in the mountains somewhere. I have to worry about running into animals more than other people.

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Down the street. I live on the ocean. Ok, down the street from the ocean.

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Out the back.Suntrap.

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I just lay down in my bed with the windowblinds up, and get all the afternoon sun I want.
Hooray south-facing window Great alarm clock. If I’m in bed past ~10am, I get sun beams in my face that won’t go away.

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Well, I live in a dorm room next to to big fields. It’s always a great place to go. Now that the weather is getting better, people are having picnics with lawn chairs and blankets out there every day. I love it. I participate as much as I can. It’s a great environment to study in instead of being cooped up inside.

At home I would just go in the backyard. We have a big lawn and big patio. Plenty of room for that kind of thing.

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On my bike.

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We have a pool and are close to lakes, rivers, and not too far from the shore.

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Here. Or sometimes here.

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To the beach. It’s cold right now here, though!

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Second to the last tree in the park beside the Boulder library. If it’s sunny and I’m off, 99% chance I’m there. Come visit.

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My back yard faces north and is surrounded by big trees so I don’t get any sun there. I will generally go take my dog for a walk in one of the many parks and open spaces arounf here. I’m not the sort of person to lie about in the sun, I’m always active.

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I live on 5 acres of woodland…the world is my oyster, been outside all day in the awesome sun and springtime warmth cleaning up around my yard.

Sometimes I just lay a blanket down on my deck and stretch out in the sun, in the summer I have a futon out, great for sunny days and stary nights :-)

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Down to the riverbank :)

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It’s still cool here, about 10 C (50F).
I never purposely go out to be in the sun. I prefer the shade especially on a hot sunny day.

Aside from the nearby regional park with a man-made lake adjacent to the Milk river, there is no place to go to enjoy the outdoors right near here.

We prefer to go the Rockies, about 120 km (70 miles) away. You won’t find us lying out in the sun at 8,000. It’s cool up there even in August

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I like to go to the beach, especially on a sunny day. Its perfect, you can…

Run without putting pressure on your joints (the way asphault would), stimulate your calves and legs in the sand, cool yourself off by running with your feet in the water. its a good feeling to do this all with your bare feet.

Or if you just want to lounge out in the sun, you can plop down anywhere on the beach, and sunbathe. Then you can read a book.

Thats what I love to do. Get away from the Wi-Fi radiation.

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I want more Wi-Fi radiation!

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We love the beach and the oceanside. We just aren’t sunbathing types. I love the sun from 40 feet below the surface in tropical waters!

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@Lightlyseared – I’ve been there. It’s lovely.

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The sun is 93 million miles away. Also it’s approximately 21,000 degrees Celsius at the surface. Hope this helps!

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My backyard. We have plenty of woods and wildlife to sit and stare at, or I just close my eyes and relax. I did it today. :)

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I just walk right out my back door and sit by the pool in my comfortable lounge chair with my laptop. I use a big straw hat on the laptop cart to shade the screen.

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The people that live behind us have a very creepy son who will sit on his back deck and stare at me if I am in the backyard. We don’t have a fence, so I tend not to go out back.
Most of the time, I’ll just lay in my bed and open the window and take down my makeshift curtains. Like @Sarcasm, my window faces the south, so it’s pretty great for when I want to take naps during the day.
If I really want to go outside and I’m not at the ranch, I’ll just take a blanket and go lay on my driveway with a book and the radio.

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sitting on the front porch, going to the pool with my daughter, taking a walk with my husband, falling asleep in front of the window and watching my son play the sport he loves

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My goodness. I just love how these little fishing expeditions turn out. I get a sense of where people live, and something about their daily habits. It’s kind of like looking through a microscope at people’s lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you jellies! You are truly some of the most generous and warm people on the planet!

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In Sacramento, where this week it’s in the high 70’s and sunny (yay!), I love to hike the horse trails along the American River with my dog. When it’s warmer, I’m pretty content lying by the pool with a good read or some great music. :-)

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Hello from Placerville!
Awesome weather it is!

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@Coloma Howdy neighbor! :) Loving it! It’s going to be even warmer tomorrow and Friday! Yahooo!

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I can go to Lake Pleasant which is only about 25 minutes from my house or I have a selection of about a dozen parks which are mostly within 30 to 45 minutes from my house. The reason I’m not out laying in the sun right now is, in Phoenix we only have a certain number of minutes we can be out in the sun before it becomes hazardous to our health. Seriously. The meteorologist even has a scale that he shows on television during the summer months stating how long you can sunbathe and be exposed before you place yourself in danger. The joys of living in a desert climate…..........

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I am quite lucky I have the ocean about 1 klm away from my home. It sometimes just gets too hot you know? But yeah I need to go more often :)

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Up on the roof. I throw a blanky up there before I heave myself over the edge of the gutter. You have to remember to lie head-down, not crosswise – too easy to begin rolling after you fall asleep.

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