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What's a tasty brand of canned oysters?

Asked by maudie (363points) March 17th, 2010

My nutritionist tells me I’m zinc deficient and I need more food sources of zinc. The best food source of zinc is oysters, ergo I am planning to eat some. Tried the canned oysters from Trader Joe’s the other day, and I thought they were gross. Any alternatives out there besides fresh oysters? Or is fresh really the only way to go?

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This doesn’t exactly answer your question, but this might offer some less disgusting alternatives.

(Personally, I’d much rather sprinkle wheat germ on my food, each chocolate, or munch on roasted pumpkin seeds and peanuts.)

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I like King Oscar brand, but if i were you I’d buy them from a fish monger in bulk already shelled and then cook them the way you like them.

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Regardless of brand, try to get the oysters with the farthest away expiration date. I’ve noticed that the longer the oysters are in the can, the more they taste like the can. There comes a point that they don’t taste like oysters at all—just this funky metalic taste.

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Fresh is the way to go if you like oysters. if you don’t, however, no oysters is the way to go.

Why not go with other shellfish such as shrimp which are almost as high. Also wheat bran, which you can eat in the form of bran muffins and bran cereal.

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I think fresh really is the way to go. Find a bar that has a deal like 25cent oyster night, and scarf them down. They come steamed or raw. I go for raw with a little horseradish and cocktail sauce.

I think canned are too rubbery. Not the same at all. If you are going to have to eat them, may as well enjoy them!

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And if you can’t do fresh, why not just take a zinc supplement?

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Forget oysters, have some Superfast Jellyfish

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Thanks, Flutherers, for many good (and some funny) answers!

@marinelife That is good advice in general, but in my specific case wheat bran is out. In the course of working with the nutritionist, I found out that I have a bad wheat gluten sensitivity, which may be related to or even indirectly causing my zinc deficiency (damaged intestinal lining = malabsorption of nutrients).

@mrrich724 That’s also good advice in general. Unfortunately, I’m on so many supplements (under nutritionist’s direction/supervision) already, she feels I really should focus on getting some of the not-major-problem-area deficiencies under control with food sources.

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