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How to use weave sync securely?

Asked by tadpole (709points) March 17th, 2010

i am keen to use mozilla“s weave sync app for it’s browser firefox, but not sure what needs to be done so that i use it securely and safely with a variety of different pc’s…how do i sign out etc whilst leaving my data behind safely?


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In regards to passwords Mozilla says Weave has “end-to-end encryption”, meaning even if someone were monitoring your internet connection, or looking at Mozilla’s servers, they could not read your passwords.

Which leaves the files on your computer as the weak link. And I recently learned an easy fix for that.

Settings -> Security -> Passwords -> Use a master password.

With a master password, Firefox encrypts your data. Without the master password, it takes very little work for someone with access to your machine to read all the passwords.

Somewhere I read that only NEW records get encrypted, so I synced my passwords to the cloud , deleted all the passwords, then re-synced with Xmarks to create a fresh new encrypted password database.

I can’t tell you anything about protecting bookmarks & browser history, because I never looked into that because I don’t care about their security.

XMarks is similar extension, which works with Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari. There has been grumbling about Weave’s reliability, Xmarks is older and better tested.

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yes i realized my files were seemingly the weak point..i have a master password for weave, i wasn’t sure if just using that was enough…

i have heard of xmarks…maybe worth looking at it…

thanks for the answer and the info….

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