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What are some web sites you look at when you need a chuckle?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) March 17th, 2010

i get a lot of laughs looking at what web sites you guys look at for a laugh?

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e.g. “Today, I found out the electric bill I have been paying was on my old house. I found this out when they shut off the power to my house. FML”

And another vote for Fark.

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I’m a member of There are lots of sub-reddits for funny stuff. Such as the /funny/ subreddit. That’s where I get a lot of my funny.

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My Life is Average and both make me laugh, which is a bad thing when I’m at work.

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I get my butt right here to Fluther.

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Textsfromlastnight, and fml

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@Mike_Hunt somethingawful

Specifically (for me) Something Awful Photoshop Phriday !

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@jaytkay It makes fridays worth waiting for

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I go here and watch each one in succession…life is good! ;) lol!

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@jaytkay my husband and I look at it religiously, we’ve seen every one since the beginning, we can’t stop laughing
@liminal that website is hilarious…epic win.

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FailBlog , dedicated to massive FAILures. Also, linked to some other funny sites in the top bar navigation.

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@SuperMouse Oh my god I love the awkward family photos site – I love that one with the goat and the kids…hahhahahaha

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Also, Cracked. You usually have to wade through a bunch of juvenile dick jokes, but occasionally you stumble across gems like this: Brilliant.

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The Onion is really my go to site when I need a laugh. Tried and true.

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I like… but I’d better not ever catch any of you there. You wouldn’t like it anyway.

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@lillycoyote Yes! I love picking up that paper weekly.

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@liminal not all of us live in Madison. Some of us have to get it online only.

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yahoo answers. or did up an archive of

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A little off the beaten track but quite delightful for fans of dry, tongue in cheek or the really offbeat. The newer stuff isn’t particularly fantastic, but the ARCHIVES are a treasure chest of the unexpected. Go there first.

If you’d like to find out what your name might be if you were a Cylon, go to the search bar for the site and enter Cyborg. This will take you to the Cyborg name generator.

Pretty clever. You’ll find youself doing all your friends as well. A real blast.

It’s also available for iPhone, but why pay for what is available for free ?

The Brunching Shuttlecocks

And for a collection appealing to wordsmiths of all types, Richard Lederer’s site can’t be beat. The author of several books he’s also a Mensa member and it shows.

His site is where I learned all about Mondegreens and other delights.

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@Mike_Hunt I really like somethingawful too. Photoshop phriday is just so hilarious sometimes, though it can be a little uneven. One of my favorites One Letter Off

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Another one for Lolcats and Failblog.

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Other than the websites that have already been given (unless I missed it):

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A collection of funny signs are at

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