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Will you fly if you have to have a full body scan?

Asked by babaji (1440points) March 17th, 2010

The latest security at airports will be full body scanners for those wishing to fly. Will you still fly? Do you feel your privacy is being violated? Do you feel safe?

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Yes. I will continue to fly until they institute cavity searches. That’s where I absolutely have to draw the line.

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It’s a very awkward thought, but I’m not going to not fly because of it.

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I’ll still fly, but before I go to the airport, I’m going to find a metallic body paint and write “suck it” on my crotch so then when I go through the scanner, they’ll know what the score is.

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Sure. I could care less.

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oh yes…not a problem! Have nothing to hide!

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I will still fly. I’m not thrilled about the body scanners because of a bad experience I had on a trip once. There IS the potential for violation and I’ve experienced it firsthand. But, at the same time, I can understand the need for them. I guess it’s a better of two evils situation. I know some will quote the much-used giving up freedom for security we “deserve neither” quote, but I would love if guns and war were not necessary also. I wish this were a better world, but it’s not.

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They don’t bother me.
Besides, I have nice bewbees and showing them off at every possible moment is a goal of mine in life. Mardi Gras is only once a year.

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I don’t think it would bother me that much. So yeah I would fly still. I do agree with @lillycoyote I draw the line cavity searches.

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I don’t have a problem with it.

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Yes. I would rather that than have the guy with a bomb taped to himself get on the same plane as me. I can live through a body scan. A bomb explosion? Unless I have a hidden superman in my ancestry somewhere, I doubt it.

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Meh. I don’t care. Plus we’ll get funny leaked pictures of people smuggling ferrets and rhinoceros horns. Like the space program, where we got Velcro and Tang as fringe benefits.

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Ill zip myself into a suitcase. Works>>>>>>

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How would this be different than the current metal detector scan everyone has to go through?

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@FutureMemory they can see your body more, there is actually someone in a room looking at the picture of you, and you are basically unclothed (is that a word?) maybe disrobed is better?

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It’s like taking a negative silhouette…not much to see there. I would fly naked if it meant not driving with my kids for 10 hours a day!

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@FutureMemory How would this be different than the current metal detector scan everyone has to go through?

Here you go:

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Jeez, they might as well just strip you naked.

Thanks for link @jaytkay

They should make it more like the body scan in Total Recall

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@FutureMemory So what’s your answer?

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I’ll still fly. I mean every year I let a man I don’t know put plastic objects in my vagina while I wear a gown with no back and stare at the ceiling. Full Body Scan…no ig deal.

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I would definitely do it. If I’m considering flying somewhere it’s going to be for an important purpose, I can’t let embarrassment get in the way.

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@Shae I remember being a young teenager and my mom saying something along the same lines of once you have a baby all modesty goes out the window.

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No I would not. But then, I am not required to fly for my job. I have no family members overseas that I would never be able to see again. My main reason for travel is vacationing. My last several vacations I drove or used the train. I have many other reasons I don’t enjoy flying, and I don’t have a burning need to fly anywhere.

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Easier than a colonoscopy, you get peanuts and end up on an adventure. Y not?

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I will fly but will request the body search/pat down option. The cumulative effects of multiple x-ray exposures are known to be harmfull and no safeguards have been instituted to make sure these use the least amount necessary or that proper calibration & maintenance will occur on this equipment. Dentist units are highly regulated and still often are found to put out levels 20x the recommended yearly maximum exposure in one sitting. X-ray exposure is cummulative over your lifetime. It doesn’t wash off or fade away!!!

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@PappaSmurfPro Is it an Xray? Now that I do not want to submit to. I thought people were worried about the naked part.

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No it is backscatter x-ray. You are being irradiated!

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[citation needed]

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Crap that is very upsetting to me. I only get dental xrays every 2–3 years, and I paid a lot of money for an MRI, because I did not want to submit to a cat scan. I also do not get mammograms every year yet, because I hate the idea of xray.

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Is this already being done?

I have issues with both the x-ray and the privacy, and guilt presumption – treating innocent people like criminals without any cause whatsoever.

Fuck – I am gonna have to find a boat.


Sure, I have a great body. I have nothing to hide! Lol.

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Of course I will. We born naked and we evolved from naked creature. So,cloth is just another accessory for human being.

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@Vunessuh Pics or it never happened.

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Hell yes! I will pose super sexy for the scanner too!

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@Violet Atta girl.

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@Violet you wouldn’t happen to be from Texas?

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@Shae no sorry, California. Do you work at an Texas airport? ; )

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The airlines lost me years ago. They treated me like shit, repeatedly. I have an 800 mile trip several times each year. I drive. It’s not the scanner, it’s not the xrays, its not the radiation, its just that they treat the customer like crap. So, I’ll spend some extra time not giving them my money.

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Sure. I have no problem with it. Hopefully it will speed up the process.

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No I had a friend from Texas that went by Violet, she posted a lot like you.

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It’s not just the scan, it’s everything combined- that’s why I won’t fly anymore. Arbitrary rules, crappy service, no food, cramped flights, possible four hour delays, planes that make people sick (repeatedly), waiting in line to wait in line to wait on a plane to wait in a line…. oh crap, my brain exploded

It’s not worth it to me. I’ll drive, take a train whatever. I’m done with flying until they realize that we do have other options and will use them.

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Highly unlikely. I refused to fly once they forced biometric passports onto us. I neither trust ‘officials’ enough, or the security on government computers to provide that sort of information…

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Question to a question: If a person flying frequently, would this be a health hazard? Just wondering! This is an x ray, is it not?

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Body Scans are cool!

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@BoBo1946 – Check out this article. Body scanners use different wave lengths:

“A millimeter wave scanner is a whole body imaging device used for airport security screening. It is one of two common technologies of security scans used for body imaging; the other is the backscatter X-ray (...). Unlike X-rays and UV rays, terahertz photons do not carry enough energy to break chemical bonds or ionize atoms and molecules – they possess even less energy than visible light photons. However, they may still cause some legitimate health concerns for high terahertz powers. Although the human body due to its natural heat emits teraherz radiation and some scanners rely on this natural emission it is anticipated that current and future scanners will emit less radiation than is naturally emmitted by other sources.”

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@mattbrowne got’cha Matt! thank you for the info!

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