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Do you have any tips for speed reading?

Asked by jcs007 (1776points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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read short sentences….?

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just kidding

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Read Timothy Ferris’ book “4 hour workweek.” He gives fantastic speed reading tips.

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I read inside out. I’ve set a few records amongst people at my school, etc.
I read the white space, and not the black.
When i was younger and they were teaching me letters in school they taught me by giving me this incised letter thing so I could feel the letters. I realized in sixth or seventh grade that I had been doing it inside out. XD
But it makes it so that I can read huge chunks of text at a glance.

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read faster…

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high 5 to kimboslice for his answer

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highlight key words then go back.

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First link has a free course that may be enough to get you to a speed where reading becomes more enjoyable. If you benefit then you can decide on going further. Their courses are $15 – $25.
I’d do the free course first. Then decide after that if you want to go further.

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you could just take a load of speed

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Don’t go too fast, you might get a ticket.

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be calm and totally into what you are reading!!
in no time you start taking up the speed…it wont be so proffessional type’s reading
buh i think you’ll be quite satisfied…

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