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Ladies, are circumcised men better, worse or indifferent?

Asked by DJM (159points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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I like my men au natural.

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delirium, can u explain why? Curious.

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ya like WTF. I thought all the extra skin would be unsanitary and just plain ugly.

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thats what i thought too, go figure….. too bad more ladies out there dont give us feedback

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I like it natural. Circumcised cocks just kind of scare me. They just break my heart. I can’t imagine anyone doing something that horrid to a kid.

Plus, uncircumcised guys are muuuuuch more sensitive. Which is always fun. XD

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Delirium: thanks for the response. I dont remember how I felt when I was circumcised, just a few hours after my birth. Never been traumatic to me. Anyways, appreciate your candor.

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Most girls, though, don’t agree with me about the uncircumcised thing.
Ironically, i’m all for body modification… but circumcision freaks me out. I think its because the individual doesn’t have a say in it.

Also, foreskins do have their reasons. And I like how its like unwrapping a present, almost. Its always a pleasant surprise. I like that.

And kimbo: its not ugly nor unsanitary. The natural human body is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And the foreskin actually keeps it clean and protected.

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Delirium: oooh, nice imagery…. oh well, no turning back 4 me. I thought too that most girls like the clean look, feel, taste and smell of a clean member. To each his/her own :-) high 5

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I’m not the biggest fan of the taste, but nate and I usually use chocolate or honey or something to make it a bit nicer for me. XD

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Feels the same when its inside you. I care more about how a guy treats me than how his weiner looks.

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Men have opinions on this thing too.

I don’t think it really matters; there are probably a hundred more important things to consider about a man.

(Although I think it’s worth noting that it’s trivial to keep an uncircumcised penis clean, and a man who uses that as an excuse for not being clean is not being honest.)

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Without circumcision, where would the get the foreskins from to put in our face lotion? Sorry had to add that, just discovered that a few weeks ago.
I believe its quite a bit more sanitary and easier to lug around without all that extra skin, hehe.

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Circumcision is a requirement with me.

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