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What kind of animal does this skull belong to?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34514points) March 18th, 2010
I found it when on a walk in the woods yesterday. At first I was thinking small rodent, but now I’m starting to think it may be a fox. Anyone know exactly what it is?

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It looks like it could possibly be a raccoon skull.

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Not a rodent. Rodents have two long front teeth that are usually red. That is a canine skull, small dog or maybe fox.

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Scads of them on the west coast, not sure about the eastern range.

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Its a baby alien skull from AVP you better not go back

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Agree about the canines. That’s such a cool find, I am so jealous.

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It is a raccoon.
The nose is not long enough to be canine. there is no extension over the brow.
The teeth, while similar, are not placed the same as a dog and the size is more consistent to a raccoon.

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Raccoon. I have a couple. My dog kills and buries them. I wait a year, dig them up, wash off the earth and Clorox them. I think they’re beautiful. Interesting to find such a perfect one, so clean, lying right on top of the leaves.

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I actually didnt pick it up, but i found it just outback my house. I think ill go back for it and clean it.

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Oh I would Uber! :)

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I got it :)

Soaked it in bleach now its all nice and white. Im thinking about painting a cool design on it or something. Ill post a picture of it if i do.

What do you guys think, acrylic paint?

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According to this site acrylic paint is good. I would put gesso on the area your are going to paint first and use a retarder with the paint so it remains fluid longer and does not clump.

Oh yeah- and of course we want pix when done. :)

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