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Can you identify another 80s TV show (maybe 70s)?

Asked by Snarp (11254points) March 18th, 2010

I used to watch a cartoon when I was very little, and no one I’ve ever mentioned it to has any idea what I’m talking about. It was about a group who flew around in a big spaceship (I guess, though I don’t think they ever left earth) and each had their own vehicles that they left the ship with to go on missions. The leader’s vehicle was sort of a fighter plane, another one had a race car. They wore helmets and jump suits and there was sort of a bird like look to them, like sort of wings on the arms of the suits and beaks on the helmets. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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Battle of the Planets?

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Yep, Battle of the Planets. Sometimes referred to as “G-Force” because they were members of that team. The main ship, piloted by Tiny, also could turn into the Phoenix.

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@av8r No, this was a hand drawn animated cartoon, but nice try. Battle of the Planets is it, thanks @Captain_Fantasy and @mrentropy! A piece of my childhood memories has now been reconstructed.

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@mrentropy They were two different shows, right? G-Force had maybe 5 or 6 members and they stayed on Earth fighting crime, but Battle of the Planets had a huge ship with lots of crew members that flew through space fighting invading bad guys. Am I remembering it correctly? They must have been drawn by the same studio, because the look was very similar.

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I used to love Battle of the Planets!

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No, Battle of the Planets had five members of G-Force. Each with their own sub-vehicle (plane, car, motorcycle, and some sort of submersible thing) and the main ship that could catch on fire.

Star Blazers, on the other hand, had the Yamato battleship flying around in space with a largish crew.

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So why, in this era of nostalgia for old cartoons and especially anime, does this one seem so ignored and forgotten? I was so young when I watched it and my memories are so vague, but I learned to tell time so I would know when the show was on, I couldn’t miss it.

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@mrentropy That is it, Star Blazers. Am I correct in that the look of these two shows was very similar?

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@stump I dunno, could be. They all look the same to me. There’s supposed to be a live action Star Blazers movie coming out, by the way.

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It sounds a bit like Johnny Quest. A very little bit.

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@CyanoticWasp JQ was Earth-bound, as far as I know. Also, weirdly, I think it was created in the U.S. Most of the others were Japanese shows that were spliced, diced, and mangled for the U.S. kiddie audience.

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In the 70s I loved Star Trek and Mary Tyler Moore.

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This is G-Force. I used to watch that show every weekday on Toonami back in 1997. That show brings back alot of memories.

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@panicpack121 Ah, Battle of the Planets. I remember it well!

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@Dr_Dredd I know right. That show is amazing! I wish this is on these days. I wish it is on Saturday Mornings these days so the kids have a fucking chance to see what we watch. Sorry for the swear. But, that show is very awesome, don’t you agree?

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