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If I "hide" somone on facebook, can I unhide them later?

Asked by JLeslie (60147points) March 18th, 2010

Also, when I hide them does it block everything? I won’t see their status updates or their page or what?

Will it block them from seeing my status updates and pages?

I am not interested in blocking or unfriending the person.

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No, it doesn’t. They don’t know. It just doesn’t show up for you.

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Can I unhide them later? How?

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To unhide someone:
Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Edit options” (To the right of where you see “Older posts”). Click the “x” next to whomever’s name that you wish to unhide.

Hiding them will make you not get any updates from them on the front page. You can still go to their profile manually and see what they post.

It will not block them from seeing your updates and pages. Only blocking or unfriending will do that.

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Thanks everyone. That is exactly what I need to know. :).

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I love hiding people on fbook. It filters out all the useless posts about finding cows on a farm or what rank their mafia is at.

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@PhillyCheese You can also just hide certain apps. I’ve hidden all those ridiculous “What XYZ are you?” quizzes, and horoscopes, so on and so forth.
To each their own though

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Ok, I have another question about hiding. If that person writes me a message on my wall will I see it? I don’t want to not see something like that.

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I just tested this. No, posts on your own wall will not be hidden, even if you hide that person’s posts from the main page.

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Thank you.

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I hide so many people from high school. Not @JLeslie though!

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Haha. Thanks @augustlan :)

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