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I suddenly got a lot of spam mails from craigslist and now I can't sign into my account! Help?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) March 18th, 2010

Today I got about 10 mails from craigslist that were clearly spam since I never used it. Now, all of a sudden I can’t sign in because it says that my password is incorrect when I know it is right.
What’s going on?
I have a Mac by the way.
Thanks in advance

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I recommend contacting Craigslist and retrieving your password. Might also want to double check your username and Caps lock keys.

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@silverfly I was never signed in to craigslist. I’m also 100% sure that what I’m typing is right… :/

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Oh, you never made a Craigslist account?

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@silverfly Nope, and now that I’ve tried to “sign in as another user” some other username appeared there. It was something like ryanall or whatever it was.

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Do you have iChat? try me at nickcomito at gmail

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@silverfly Yeah I have it, but the network I’m in (halls of residence of the university) doesn’t allow me to connect to iChat..

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Okay… Well, I’m not really sure how to help. If you have problems with Craigslist, the best thing to do is contact them. They’re pretty good about spam and abuse so that’s what I would do. Good luck!

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@silverfly Thanks anyway!

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Your internet activity probably gave your email away to spammers.

I suggest you reset your password, as you are the rightful owner. Do this ASAP. Whoever hijacked your account could be sending spyware and other malicious programs to all your friends.

Get control of your account. If you keep getting spam, consider closing it and opening up a new account.

I have two emails – one for my friends, one for all that junk and other things that I signed up for. Like Fluther… I didn’t use my real email.

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I keep trying to get google to reset my password to a second account I have but it just doesn’t work! Any other ideas?

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Like you forgot your password and can’t answer the right questions?

Get a new account ASAP and tell everyone you can remember that your old one is inactive and hijacked. It is your responsibility to all your friends that you tell them so they don’t fall for similar scams and malware downloads.

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Problem solved. I waited 24 hours, answered the security question and reset my password.

@silverfly and @Idknown Thanks for your help!

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