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For the mums & dads;What is something your little darlings have said about you that was cute but brutally honest that made you laugh & at the same time made you think ouch?

Asked by ucme (45476points) March 18th, 2010

You know the type of thing they can come out with.Always rely on kids to tell the truth whatever the ramifications.I’m talking about when they’re really young say between 3 & 7yrs old.Of course if you have any examples of when they were older bring it on.

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well of course my turkey chin, my son would go – no its not bad “gobble gobble”

once I asked my son at around five how old he thought I was he said 100?

the best thing though was one morning when he was about 2 I found a scrunched up piece of paper on his pillow. It was a magazine page. He had torn out and slept with. It had barbie dolls on it with clothes and accessories. When I asked him what it was for, he said “Look mom, she looks like you , I want to buy you those earings” awwwwww!!!l

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“Mama. You’re fat. But you’re still beautiful.” My son said this to me when he was about 5. He just said it out of the blue.

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I lost my hair (chemo) for the first time when my son was a very young 5. When it grew back in he said, “Mommy! Now you look pretty, again!” Ouch. He went on to say that I was always pretty, but this way he knew that I was doing better with cancer.

I understand what he meant, but for a second, ouch!

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“Maybe a taller mommy would know” – said by my two year old after I told him I didn’t know the answer to a question he was asking,

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I don’t have kids but this is a fascinating question.

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When I was pregnant the second time, my five year old daughter said “I thought your tummy was going to get big, but it seems like just your boobies got big.” I told her the tummy would catch up.

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Well, this didn’t make me laugh, but it brought me up short and caused me to make a hard left. My Mom was a pretty caustic person. She’d say things unnecessarily that did nothing but make you angry, resentful, sad and hurt. I vowed never to be like that. Well, one day when my daughter was about 7 I was chastising her for something, when she suddenly said, “Mommy! You can hurt my head but you don’t have to to hurt my heart!” Whoa. I realized then that I was doing EXACTLY the ineffectual, useless, mean thing my Mom used to do to us. I changed my ways.

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My 6 year old walked up to my sisters new boyfriend, felt his forehead, looked at me and said, “Nope, no fever! You’re right Mommy, he’s NOT hot!” That’s the dirtiest look my sister ever gave me…

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ROFLLLLLL!!!!!! @janedelila ! HA HA!!

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To a child a parent is all wise and all knowing and I was quite comfortable acting out this role with my children. One day when talking with my daughter however she gave me a look that indicated that she knew I didn’t know. It was not an unkind look, quite the reverse but I knew I had been found out. It was a step towards maturity for both of us and I remember the moment quite clearly.


After a school Christmas concert one year, I was with my little 5 year-old in her classroom, and all the children and parents got fruit and cookies for snacks. My daughter got a cookie and I got a well-refrigerated banana. In front of all the other parents and little kids, my girl blurted “Daddy, your banana is frozen!” This drew devilish giggles from a boy nearby, and a big chuckle from his Dad. Sigh!

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When my son was 4, my mother had a FWB… At our very pious Southern Baptist friend’s housewarming party, he announced, “Grandma has a friend.” Everyone looked at him… “She sleeps in bed with her friend.” Everyone looked at my mother… I don’t think I’ve ever seen my cool, collected mother turn purple before that moment :D

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