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How many times were you actually laughing out loud?

Asked by Ansible1 (4824points) March 18th, 2010

People use “lol” all the time, but I always assume that they’re not actually laughing out loud….and I know they’re definitely not rolling on the floor laughing their asses off at my muffin joke.

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Seldom. Usually I’m just CTS*.



*Chuckling to self

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I do laugh out loud. My neighbours must think I am not. All they hear is guffaws of laughter coming through my window, no TV on no music. They must think I’m bonkers.

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*must think I am nuts (not I am not) never mind loll.

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I don’t say lol unless I actually did lol. Except for this question. I haven’t actually laughed here, but…. well….. you know.

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I don’t use the term lol. I laugh out loud sometimes while reading Fluther.

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It happens quite often and why I hang out here. Some people here are genuinely funny and quite a few crazies here as well! :D

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I use it as a punctuation.

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Almost ⅔ of the time. Wait, that’s a conservative estimate now that I think about it. It was actually 3/8 of the time most likely.

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I have never, nor will I ever use that particular bit of shorthand. I don’t know why I feel this unreasonable hatred for it, or where it came from. I use proper grammar and spelling at all times, even when I text. I try not to hassle others about their misuse of English, I know that my standards are my own and not theirs. I will, however, jump all over it if you make statements regarding something and try to come off as knowledgeable and your errors are clearly not typos. I was going to post a link, but the “conquer boredom” question has been removed ;-)

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0. the term “lol” is annoying, i don’t even use it.

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I never use the term “lol” – it’s heinous & I certainly can’t imagine someone sittitng there laughing. It makes it all the weirder for me – robocop style!
Sometimes, if I’m genuinely laughing I’ll write “ha,ha” or “hehe” – in those cases, I am actually hahaing & heheing ;)

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I don’t really use the “lol” term, but I do laugh out loud – and often, at stuff I read on here. Hey, my family knows I’m nuts. No big deal to me!

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I never use it; it’s a little irritating really. If I’m laughing out loud, I usually say just that.

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SAB (smiling a bit)

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I use “lol” to indicate that I’m joking and not being serious, that something made me smile, or that something was funny, but didn’t necessarily make me laugh out loud. If something on the internet actually makes me laugh out loud, then I will use “LOL!” or indicate that I really did laugh out loud, usually by saying “I literally lol’d”.


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@Bluefreedom you had trouble with fractions in grade school, didn’t you?

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And this is why lol4rl is the shit

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I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used LOL since 1993, and if I have, then I lol’ed4rl.

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I don’t use lol, but I do laugh out loud a lot, probably several times a day.

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@CyanoticWasp. Math was my absolute WORST subject. Hated it!

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@Bluefreedom I could tell, when you switched from “⅔ of the time” as being “too conservative” and said “3/8” instead.

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@CyanoticWasp. I know. I’m such a dunce right?

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@Bluefreedom I never said that out loud!

But seriously, I wouldn’t say that anyway. Probably.

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@CyanoticWasp. It’s all good, my friend. Have a great weekend. =)

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I’ve never used lol. So far.

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As a matter of common sense. Never. One don’t just say that as most people don’t even talk to themselves and will pronounce you nuts.

As a matter of being to the contrary: in the past eight years I have been doing that almost every minute of my free time.

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Yeahh I actually do haha

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