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What do you think of the new cop cars?

Asked by Disaster_Porn (343points) March 18th, 2010

It makes me wanna be cop just looking at it , looks bad ass personally….Even though I never could be a cop hahaha

Hey John can you get one these bad boys?! I think it is only fair if you least get to test drive it right??

The way I see you may not like “police” but for all the good,honest hard working law enforcement working out there that are doing justice I say give it to them!

Just my opinion.

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Thank God they’re going to stop using that piece-of-shit Crown Vic. They’ve managed to find some common sense at Ford and use a car that seems to have purpose for this kind of use. Twice as fast acceleration seems non-threatening, however, since the Crown Vic took about, umm… an hour or so to reach 60, depending on if there was a hill. Of course i’m kidding; this will probably go like a bat out of hell, or at least like something beyond the normal road-car realm. It still probably won’t go this fast, though.

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And no, coppers here don’t have Lamborghinis or probably ever will.

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I’d rather be an officer in Italy, issued a submachinegun and an Alfa Romeo.

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@Zaku It’ll fall apart mid-pursuit though. It’s an Alfa, they do that.

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It will not be as fast as this either.

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eh…have it. Gimme the Bat Tank

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I don’t think it looks quite as mean as the Charger cruiser, which is becoming popular here.

Personally, I’d like to see a Challenger cruiser.

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Great. So now more old police cars are going up for auction to people who can’t even drive. And now every time I see one I’m going to slow down in panic that a cop is in front of me :/

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If it’s not a Crown Victoria, it’s not a police car.

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If it’s not a Crown Victoria, it makes sense any way you put it.

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Freaking awesome, I might consider becoming a cop part time.
I’ll just drive up behind a person wearing a bunch of biker leather and spikes
and then I’ll totally be like
“Hey, I just caught you speeding.”


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A complete waste of taxpayer money.

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I can just see Mr. Pennington blowing donuts in the parking lot :P

And in a few years, the used ones will be in the civilian market where many will join the taxi fleet, so we can all have the joy of driving an interceptor!

@davidbetterman I guess it’s cheaper to burn more gas. The way I see it, the fuel savings alone will pay for them fairly quickly. That’s not counting the savings from reduced injuries to our men in blue.
The only way I can think of it being a waste of money is if you are in favor of abolishing police period. But so long as we have law enforcement officers, I would rather they put less of our money in their gas tanks, and I sure as hell don’t want to pay too much on their hospital/funeral expenses!

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I think it is fine as long as it shows the lights and that it is a cop car. I think those undercover cars that look like regular cars are entrapment and shouldn’t be allowed to act just like any cop that pulls people over

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From the picture they show it has cop lights.

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This police vehicle was designed by Ford to take the place of the Crown Vic. this is a bad police vehicle. if you have ever driven a stock SHO Ford Taurus, you know what i am talking about. this vehicle has much more horsepower and two sets of fuel injectors. i like the part where they actually asked police officers what they wanted in a police car and not from some guy sitting in an easy chair in some office. this vehicle will most likely go down in history as one of the premo police vehicles ever to hit the streets.

I only wish i were not retired, that maybe i could test drive it just one more time.

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@john65pennington I’m sure that one of your old pals would be happy to take you for a spin. And in a couple of years, they might start hitting the used market, though if your neck of the woods is anything like Seattle then the cab companies may snap them up the minute that happens.

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Jerv, you are so right. i still see old police cars that are now taxis. most are the old Crown Vics. i am amazed that they are still running. our cars are taken out of service at 100,000 miles. in a police car, thats like 300,000 miles compared to the vehicle you and i drive.

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@john65pennington Those are not standard Crown Vics; they are “fleet models”, and one of the upgrades is a tougher transmission. See, Ford assumes that you badge-wearing boys in blue will drive in a manner that would kill a regular car so they changed a few things compared to the normal Vics that a nice octogenarian couple would get off the showroom floor.
That means that after 100K miles, they are usually just starting to get broken in. I know a few people that have had old cruisers and not a single one of them has ever had a transmission issue. Also, with one exception, they didn’t have engine issues. (The exception was poorly maintained by a real goober that probably shouldn’t own a car.) That makes them perfect for a businessman that is going to drive 8–16 hours a day in stop-and-go traffic… like a cabbie.
Even better is if they leave the seat divider in; detainees aren’t the only types of people you get in the back seat that you don’t want reaching into the front seat. I’m sure you’ve dealt with enough drunks, stoners, tweakers, and wackos in your career to appreciate that little wall.

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