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Do you live with or know of a woman who does not like or appreciate fresh-cut flowers?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) March 18th, 2010

i walk into a supermarket for groceries and also pick up some fresh flowers for the kitchen or dining room. the cashier remarks, “your wife must be mad at you for something.” to which i reply, “no these are for me.”

i know it sounds strange but i am just the artsy-fartsy type i guess. but i cant get flowers for my wife if i’m in the dog house or for valentines day. she dont care for flowers.

i think women who dont care for flowers are very special (in a good way).

why do we think women should like fresh-cut flowers or flowers at all?

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It’s a pretty silly thing to gender. I know women who don’t like flowers and men that do. It says nothing about their sexuality.

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@JeanPaulSartre i feel ya. flowers are in the eyes of the beholder.

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I like flowers, I think they’re beautiful and a lot of them smell really damn good. I don’t like cut flowers, though, because I believe that flowers belong in nature – where they can bloom, grow, and thrive. Don’t laugh at me, I’m weird that way. :P I don’t look down on anyone that has flowers in their home, it’s just not for me.

Also, I too, think it’s kind of ridiculous to assume that all women like flowers, and that men can’t or don’t. To each their own. :)

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I don’t like getting flowers like that.
I like them in the ground, where the belong. They stay pretty for longer, and I just don’t like disrupting nature.
@DrasticDreamer Well, hell. You beat me to it.

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I love there! :))

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I like flowers any way I can get them.

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sending flowers to my wife at work is like, “uh, ok, um, can you come up with something else like a gift certificate for the kids school clothes?”

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My mother-in-law does not cut flowers. I think it is her loss.

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I love flowers, but the wife does not. The cats really love flowers—to eat and destroy. That’s why I don’t get flowers much these days.

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My girl likes them, but she prefers things that last longer. I got her a little pot with orchids for V day. It’s still growing! :)

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And why do we assume that men don’t like flowers? I love flowers and I love gardening. :)

It’s all ridiculous. We just assume women like them because women are pretty and delicate, just like flowers. That’s the stereotype at least.

Just don’t get her a rafflesia flower from Borneo. You’d be implying she’s ugly, gigantic, and smells of rotting flesh.

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@silverfly now that is definitely the floral gift that keeps on giving…

good pick

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I am not a fan of flowers…YES I guess they are beautiful, but they just dont do it for me.

REALLY in psychological terms, men buy women flowers, jewelry, sweets, and other useless items to show they are capable of being good providers.

..kind of like:

THE MAN subconsciously thinks: “LOOK, I can offord to spend $50 on something that is useless…So obviously I will be able to provide you with everything you need!”

THE WOMAN subconsciously thinks: ” WOW, if he can spend this much money on something I don’t need and didn’t even ask for…he must have a lot of $$$ to throw around and be a potentially good provider for me and any future babies I may have”

I am the kind of girl that would feel more comfortable in a relationship where I am the provider, and I have no desire to have children (at this point)...maybe that is the underlying reason for me not being into flowers and all that crap other women swoon over lol.

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@j0ey great answer. i also think that flowers and candy are so generic. who says these things are what women want? i happen to be fortunate to live with a wife of 15 years who would rather a bill be paid or the kids have clothes. flowers? yeah ok.

but on the other end of the spectrum, i love ‘em in the house. i think she appreciates that i have the eye for them as part of indoor decorum, but thats about it.

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I like cut flowers, but do prefer the kind I can plant in the garden. My mom was the same way. Cut flowers were okay, but she preferred things she could plant. She was a very practical person.

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flowers, i don’t know but any woman who would refuse candy, now that’s a different story.

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Don’t send me any candy.

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@neverawake now, yes, my wife likes candy but not the traditional box of candy, you know what i mean? she’d be happy with store-bought boston-baked beans or carmellos. she’s weird but i love her.

now send her a receipt to her job that something is paid in full? yeah, that gets me laid. flowers? uh, no, but thanks.

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I’ll take @susanc ‘s candy please.

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My boyfriend (and dad) like flowers quite a bit but for the most part flowers bore me and if he ever gave me flowers I’d be kind of put off since he knows that about me

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My wife doesn’t particularly care for flowers, but I knew I’d be in the doghouse if I didn’t buy her some for Valentine’s Day.

(See previous rant.)

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@charliecompany34 odd..yeah, boston-baked beans are awesome! i never tasted carmellos before though. anyway, maybe you should just stick with the kind of candy that she likes then?

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@neverawake yeah, try the carmellos. addictive.

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I love flowers. all flowers. They make you feel good. they are beatiful to look at, wonderfull to smell. and they make everything look better. I feel good just thinking about them.

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I’m a nature lover and love flowers. I do prefer flowers in a pot or in the ground only because it saddens me when they die. But if I find a bunch of pretty flowers for cheap then I’ll buy them. Its not like its going to stay fresh forever in the store. Since I don’t have a yard any longer its the only way I can enjoy them for at least a short while.
Does your wife prefer plants instead? My home is filled with plants because they last longer and I love the color green.
There are people who are very sensitive to aromas or pollen from flowers and I’m sure they wouldn’t like flowers either.

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@Pandora flowers or plants? nah, she just dont care for them or the beauty they convey indoors or outdoors. she appreciates why i plant or bring flowers in or from the store but it does not matter to her anyway if color or nature is enhancing anything. she can tell how it enhances, but does not innately see why it is necessary. if it were not for me and my eye for decorum, she’d be happy with no trees, flowers, etc. we’d have a rock garden if i didn’t have the eye for color and decorum.

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I love fresh cut flowers. I think buying them is an unnecessary expense; forget the $150 roses. Just bring me a couple of freshly cut magnolias, daffodils, or daiseys and I’m happy.

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Flowers are pretty and they liven up a room. I was never really interested in them, but my wife requires flowers—valentines day, birthday (march), anniversary (april), mothers day (may)... hmmm, I feel like I’m missing something. Anyway, it’s weird, but now I, the person who never really paid attention to flowers, am the only person in the house who chooses flowers.

I just go for what I like. I have no theory about colors or meaning of colors, or what kind of flower is appropriate for what. I just like color—blending colors. I’m not fond of white things. I like bright colors and strongly formed flowers. And since I am the only one who buys them, I get to say what we get. Ironic, no?

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My grandma doesn’t like cut flowers. She says they “remind her of death”.

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I love them, but don’t like to get them. I think it’s a waste…plus, we have cats that destroy them.

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@casheroo ugh! me too! The cats eat them every time. GRRR!

I like flowers. This may sound terrible, but since I got sick I’ve received more than my fair share of flowers. I almost hate to see them arrive because I know they aren’t cheap to send. I don’t care what you are buying, the delivery charges are ridiculous. I don’t mind the occasional bunch from my husband, he knows exactly what I like and it’s not roses! I like some roses…just not a huge fan.

I’d rather a note, a donation to a charity I prefer or a phone call.

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I’m not a fan of fresh flowers. I have TERRIBLE hay-fever, so it just makes me miserable, plus then they die and smell like shit… It’s a lot of misery for 3 days of beauty. I do like silk flowers though.

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I’ve not met a woman yet who doesn’t appreciate a gift of cut flowers. They’re not practic
al, they wilt and die but a bit of color and scent in the house from a once live thing is sooooo nice!
I was once very spoiled by SO’s who’d bring me roses of all colors year round and I miss it a lot.

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While I wouldn’t complain, I personally do not like cut flowers. To me they are a few days from death, and it’s just not worth it. I much prefer a bouquet of nice silk, forever flowers, or at least an alive potted plant.

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I think it’s a nice thought. But when I see cut flowers, I just think “these’ll be dead in a week”. I like the wild daffodils that grow around my property every year. It’s random, natural, and really pretty in context to the area around it.

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And one of my girlfriends doesn’t like them, either….

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My mother gets VERY bad hayfever, give her a bunch of flowers and she will not be impressed. i tend to stick to giving her chocolate/alcohol or both. that way she can share them with me too!

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I hate flowers as a gift. They just die. Give me something I can keep forever and remember.
Same goes for chocolates (do people even do this anymore?).

I do like having bouquets on the dining room table, though. I obviously enjoy hydrangeas.
Jewelery.. now thats where its at.. ;)

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I have never known a woman who did not like fresh flowers. Of course they exist and I bet I could name a few right here on Fluther who when they read the question will eagerly dismiss the beauty and the sentiment normally attached to flowers (not counting the ones who have dismissed the notion already). But since the OP asks do I live with or know, the answer is no. By the way, I wonder why OP thinks that women who do not like flowers are special. Unexpected perhaps. but special? @meagan Of course they die. Is everything that dies therefore worthless? There are a few folks on Fluther who might say it is certainly true in my case, but what about everything else?

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I don’t like fanciful bouquets of flowers that I know costed an arm and a leg, because I end up thinking, “Gee, what a waste of money.”

I appreciate the sentiment of a flower picked out of a garden though.

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I like getting flowers from my honey on special occasions and when the timing is right, but I really don’t like them in my home… It just reminds me how they will die within a week, and I’d have to throw them out….. so cut flowers depress me :(

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