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Remedy for sore and swollen tonsils?

Asked by chels (6788points) March 18th, 2010

A few days back my left tonsil started to swell and was super sore (I was having ear pains as well because of the pain in my tonsils), so I went to the doctor. She pretty much said I was fine and just had a bit of congestion so she told me to go pick up some Zyrtec – D and told me to take Advil/Tylenol for the swelling.
So that’s what I did.
Anyway, I’ve been taking Extra Strength Tylenol and the Zyrtec as directed and nothing is helping.

What else could I possibly do to at least get rid of the soreness? :(
(Mind you, right now my tonsils are huge, literally almost touching and I can barely swallow.)

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Drink a slushie, the ice will help with the swelling and the pain.

Barring that, get them removed.

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Definitely ice.

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Pain killers can be anti-inflammatory, something like ibuprofen should help. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: Sorry, skimmed over the details to fast.

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Gargle with salt water. With frequency – like 10 times a day.

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@HTDC I’ve been taking Tylenol!

@PandoraBoxx Yeah, I’ve been gargling. I suppose I can do it some more!

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Salt water treatment. Sore throats typically are worsened by mucous that comes from the nose. So what you want to do is clean it out several times a day. Mix ¼ tsp. salt with ½ cup lukewarm water. Then you plug one nostril. Snort up the other nostril. And spit it out (I know nasty!). Some people don’t spit but rather let drain from other nostril but I don’t know how that method works. If you have extra money you could buy a neti pot and make the whole thing easier. After you have done the treatment several times on either side then gargle with the salt water before finishing up.

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You must consume ice cream, for medicinal purposes only, of course. Or maybe a hot toddy, again, for medicinal purposes only.

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no no don’t eat ice cream it creates a thicker mucous which often irritates a sore throat (of course if you go have your tonsils removed then after you can eat all the ice cream you want, hehe)

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@RedPowerLady I’m taking a trip to England on Monday so lets hope I don’t have to get them removed!

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Just to be contrary, ice and gargling may make it feel worse. Both cause spasms of the muscles in the back of the throat that will exacerbate the pain.

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@Rarebear So then what would you suggest?

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Assuming you don’t have strep throat, in which case the best thing is penicillin, then antiinflammatories, tylenol, warm tea (body temperature) maybe with a little honey, and plenty of fluids.

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@Rarebear I got a Strep test, came back negative. I’ve been having tea, I’ll keep drinking more, as well as some water. I’ve been taking Tylenol and now I’m making soup. Hopefully we see some progress.

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icecream and vodka are a good remedy for anything swollen :)

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Yank ‘em/ Recurrent infection can lead to heart disease.

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@galileogirl This is the first time my tonsils themselves have acted up.

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Use chlorasepyic to ease the pain but do as Pandoraboxx suggested as well.

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You have to find out if you have a bacterial infection. If you do you will get antibiotics; if you don’t you will have to suffer through it.

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@thriftymaid Already went to the doctor. I think if it was bacterial she would have given me something for it.

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@chels Then really all you can do is gargle with warm salt water and use throat-numbing drops. You can take Tylenol or Advil to help with the pain. Warm drinks such as tea may give you some relief. Put honey in it. Also, make chicken soup. You have to use chicken with bones, boil, and add some carbs and veggies to the broth. You will get no medicinal benefit if you do not boil the bones with the chicken. Sorry, I know it’s miserable.

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A Popsicle will help a lot and gargling warm salt water.

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Seriously do the nasty sniff salt water routine. It works wonders!
hoping you don’t have to get them removed either but then again you could eat lots of wonderful ice cream in England

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