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What do you know about Metro PCS Cell plans?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) March 19th, 2010

I heard they offer group plans. How does this work?

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No contract to sign monthly cost starting at $40 for 1st line for unlimited calls, text and web browsing, including taxes. Additional lines are $5 less than the 1st lines monthly cost.

They have what they call a GroupLINE . . .
GroupLINE is a feature that allows multiple phones on the same account to share the same phone number—just like your home phone. When someone calls your GroupLINE phone number, all the member MetroPCS phones that are tied to your GroupLINE will ring at the same time. The best part is that you don’t need an additional phone to activate this feature. It will use your existing MetroPCS phone.

GroupLINE accounts will also have a shared voice mail box tied to its number, which can be accessed by one or all the GroupLINE members.

GroupLINE features include:
Up to 5 members can be part of the GroupLINE account
Shared GroupLINE voice mail that all members can access
$5 per month per GroupLINE account
Customize your group and voice mail settings

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If I share a group line with my Husband can and we talk over it? I mainly call him and he calls my cell;or home.
His plan runs out soon. Mine is until December but I am considering our options.
Thank you for the information. I found a lot out on goggle.
Do you have Metro? Do you like it?

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more like Ghettro PCS.

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