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What kind of King or Queen would you be?

Asked by stump (3835points) March 19th, 2010

If you were Monarch of the World, what would be your first decree? Would you rule with an iron fist? Would you be an absolute ruler, or would you abdicate power to a governing body. To what kind of abuses would you be prone? Who would be your advisors, and who would you lock up?

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I always thought that a very powerful law would help regulate the world better…so id go for iron fist. I think I’ll give death sentences more often as a deterrent against crimes…..and of course Id love to ban booze and cigs. But i think itll just make the black market bigger.

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And my advisors would be Mankiw, Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Ms. Rice. of course, Id like Megan Fox as secretary…

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A royal one.

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It would not be wise, effective, or efficient to have one ruler of the world. One person having so much power would be dangerous, not only for the leader (risk of assassination), but also for the well-being of humanity. The individual would lose his/her voice. There would be increase in crime – no one ruler exercising an iron fist could safeguard the planet. Dictators have tried throughout history, and have failed.

I would abdicate power to a carefully selected governing body – individuals who would faithfully represent major and minor people groups of the world.

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I would steal from the rich and give to the poor.

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I’d abolish all organised religion as my first act. People would still be free to worship their own faith but I would not allow large, structed organisations to run them. I would start out fairly iron fisted then soften a little & bring in a world parliament to carry out the day-to-day running of the planet.

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As much as I love democracy, I would be quite happy being ultimate ruler of the world. I like to think I’d take a Glinda, the Good Witch of the North-type approach, commanding the love and adoration of my subjects. Those who disobey would only have to see me in bubble-form to be instantly charmed. This would come with the added bonus of being able to wear a giant, glittery gown to work.

As nice as that would be however, I am not a witch at all, and I would need a good team to help me out. I would remove all instruments of war, and organise a committee for the mediation of major disputes. I wouldn’t take any more resources than any other person, but I would oversee the distribution of food and other goods according to need on a macro scale. A policy will be put into place so that those who waste will have their supplies cut in such a way so that they can still survive, but they must pay back what they have thrown out.

But I would probably still wear the Glinda dress.

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I really don’t think I’m qualified to pull that off. I’d probably turn into a paranoid despot, lopping heads off right and left. The only positive thing I’d accomplish would be the utter abolition of reality tv. (Except for World’s Dumbest and Cops).

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I’d be the king of Rock and Roll and rule with my Fender Statocaster, declare all amplifiers to be turned to 11 and wail! Everything else would be delegated.

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@Cruiser hehehe. “This one goes to eleven!”

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I don’t think I could handle the stress of being queen, but I know for a fact that I would lock up George W. Bush. Then I would try to find some way to get the nations of the world be share peace. It would be very hard, but when there’s a will there’s a way.
I don’t however think I could live knowing that people were killed.
I also think that art and music will be very important, and I would try my hardest to make sure that nobody got left behind.
I wouldn’t want to interfere with traditions of other countries or tribes.

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I would end up being an evil queen and cutting the heads off of people who disagreed with me. hey, not saying it’s right, but it’s what I think would happen if I had that power.

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King of Hearts.

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I would be the kind of King that would rule honestly and fairly and who the people would want to have around for time immemorial because I’m of such awesome nobility.

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A fu-King drama-Queen all rolled up in one.

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I wouldn’t mind being one like the British Queen or Kings that are only figureheads, get a bunch of perks, and whose opinions are heard but not followed.

I don’t want to rule and give orders, I would like the parties though.

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