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What are the positives and negatives of technology?

Asked by KurlZ (91points) March 19th, 2010

I’m just wondering…

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Positive: stuff is cheaper to make.
Negtive: you might lose your job because of it (stuff is cheaper ‘cause some of the costs, like labor, go down).

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Omg people answer this question!!!!..


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Pro: You meet new people.
Con: You don’t meet new people.

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Positive: Communication is easier.
Negative: Communication is easier.

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Positive: More digital data = less need for paper = less need to cut down trees
Negative: Rapid, continuous production of quickly-obsolete non-biodegradable material = more trash

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Positive: Things can get done faster, easier, cheaper.
Negative: Frankenstein!!!!!! AAAAAGH!!!

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Positive: Progress
Negative: Enhancing powers ability to corrupt absolutely.

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@stump Frankenstein? O.o

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Positive: Accessibility to information increased by 1000%
Negative: Tangible human connection decreased by 2000%

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@KurlZ Behind you!! Runnnn!!!!

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Let me start by issuing the usual statement that technology is neutral and that what matters is how we use it, though I am not sure how easy it is to distinguish the one from the other.

On the positive side:
Technology promises to allow us to do more, own more and live longer and healthier lives. It promises to remove tedious tasks from our lives and give us free time to learn, explore and be more creative. Advances in transportation allow us to travel further and maintain contact with people throughout the world It allows us to explore nature on ever expanding micro and macro levels.

On the negative side:
We are working longer. Throwing in commute time, 10 hour days are fairly common. The wage gap between the rich and everyone else continues to widen. We have become fixated on technology. We may have thousands of friends on Facebook, but we don’t know who our neighbors are. We frequently switch living locations and jobs so there is no longer any sense of community. We are savaging the natural world to the extent that many biologists say that we are in the middle of a mass extinction. The global village is creating a homogenization of cultures to the extent that everywhere is starting to look the same. Languages are disappearing at the rate of one every other week. With computers becoming more human we run the risk of becoming more mechanical, fatter and lazier.

The good news is that, as things stand now, between dwindling fuel supplies and global warming, our lifestyle is unsustainable. If we are lucky, it will continue to be so, forcing us to cut back and reconsider how we want to use all this technology.

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+ Stuff’s getting smaller
– People are getting stoopider

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Well, obvious positives, brings us new gadgets and innovations to make life easier…

But the negatives though subtle can sometimes be pretty big. For example, back when factories were first getting started, they put A LOT of people out of business for not being able to produce as much product, and more efficiently.

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What do you mean, exactly? In the case of chimpanzees using sticks to get termites (to eat) out of a termite mound, the stick is “a tool”, and therefore representative of “technology”. So is nanotechnology, starting fires by rubbing sticks together… and typing these words back and forth to each other.

Pro: It helps us to survive a nicer life.
Con: We can’t survive without it.

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