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Obviously we have all had or have neighbours, from hell! which were your most memorable?

Asked by Just_Justine (6511points) March 19th, 2010

I live in a dainty, old building with wooden floors and bad acoustics. It was so peaceful until about six months ago The flats are small, so it is specified that two adults and one child maximum are allowed to live there. I am an owner so the owner upstairs left and rented their apartment out.

Then the neighbours from hell arrived. They assured the owner that their were three of them. A mother and two kids. But in fact I know it’s a mother and father and two kids.

They scream into the passage way, the TV is blaring day and night, they stomp around with shoes on until sometimes 2am and have then woken up at 7.30am to start hammering on a Saturday. If the mother leaves the flat to go to the post box or whatever the child screams hysterically into the passage. The son cries a lot in a whiny high pitched way (he is about 8 I think). Their friends hoot madly at all hours outside. They slam doors, and have extra loud conversations. Of course we have asked them to shut the hell up but it continues. What should we as owners do? Have you had neighbours from hell? Would love to hear about it.

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I’ve never had bad neighbors. I fear this may make me the neighbor from hell :(

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My nearest neighbor is 1500 feet away. That’s why I like the country life.

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@Adirondackwannabe so lucky? or is it because you are huge lololol

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Of course, it’s horrible. When I had my apartment, the lady above me had three dogs, and worked at night. It was horrible. The dogs would bark, run around and they would claw at the floor. I couldn’t stand it. I went upstairs and knocked on her door, and I when she answered the door, she had a gun pointed at me. I just about shit my pants, but I found the courage to talk to her, but it didn’t matter so the complex had to get involved. Thank goodness, those dogs were driving me crazy.

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@shego gosh that sounds too horrendous.

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Yep and she is still there and why we are moving. Spiteful, hateful, mean spirited, and nosy. Right after we moved in weird things started happening. My Malibu lights would be disconnected, the wire to my torch lamp on my driveway was cut. My wire fences would be trampled. Finally a year into this there is a handwritten note in my mailbox that said “if you are so worried about security you should get motion sensor lighting instead of leaving your lights on all night!!”

WTH? I knew right away who wrote it and just to be sure did due diligence and went door to door and showed the note to each neighbor…all of whom laughed and when I got to she bitches house the husband answered the door. He hung his head low and said “I don’t know who wrote that but that is my wife’s handwriting and told me how the lights shine right in her bedroom and doesn’t bother me none!! We both laughed and I still leave the lights on just to make up for all her fussing with my lights. All she has to do is have the guts to ask me!

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Drunk husband and wife. Lived in the apartment above me. Always falling down, And/or sitting outside my window. Then commenting later about what was talked about in my home.

In an apartment complex. Most of your neighbors are from hell.

Thank God I have a house now. My neighbors love me.

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I’m pretty sure my downstairs neighbors have recently become drug dealers. You would not believe the amount of people that come in and out daily, almost exclusively at night. These “visitors” usually only stay for about 20 minutes or so, then they are on their way. I get a contact high just by walking in the hallway past their door. They blare music almost constantly, and it drives me insane.

I’ve called the landlord multiple times, and he has imposed fines, but seems incapable of handling the situation for the most part. I have 2 box fans set up on high at night so I am unable to hear their music or shouting, and I’ve invested in a good quality pair of noise canceling headphones for the daytime. I really should try to involve the landlord (again) or cops, but I’m moving soon and don’t really care much anymore. They won’t be my problem for much longer.

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@Cruiser gosh and you are leaving? what a shame. I think I’d declare war. I cant declare war on mine they live upstairs, poised perfectly for war loll.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities yes you are right white noise is the best defence. Sorry to hear of this, must be very frustrating.

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My neighbors across the alley moved in last April and on the day they moved in about SIX of them became engaged in this huuuge shouting match outside in the yard. They were screaming, chasing each other, threatening one another, wrestling, punching, fighting. Eventually the cops came and they settled down. They were just really odd people and I think they still live there but luckily I don’t so I don’t mind lol. They were all on disability even though nothing seemed to be wrong with them. They put up a Christmas tree in each room and enjoyed mowing their grass at 7 AM daily. WEIRDOS.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Wait until they leave and then break in to their apartment. You won’t have a far trip to carry everything back to your place. After 2 days bring their stuff back and say “Now about that loud music…”

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Oh man does this bring back memories. When I was younger my dad and our next door neighbour would constantly feud over my father’s plants hanging over his side of the fence. So one day our neighbour came and chopped the bushes away until only a few branches remained. My dad treasures his plants like children, so you can imagine what happened next. (Let’s just say a lot of yelling and hand waving was involved.)

A few weeks later, our neighbour decided to spray paint the fence between our houses. Unfortunately, the paint “accidentally” splattered over the fence and landed on the outside wall of our house. My dad demanded he clean it up, sure enough he did (probably because he was afraid of being sued). Not one word was said during the whole time he was cleaning, but you could see the intense rage in his eyes as my dad looked on. I thought it was pretty funny, like something out of a movie, but my dad, not so much. :D

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@Just_Justine Nah…no biggie we are moving to find a nicer neighborhood but leaving she-bitch behind is a bonus for sure!

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sometimes though, because we are a small block (very small). We have become like family, apart from noise on legs upstairs. But we all irritate the shit out of each other, but are there for one another. It’s quite strange and sweet, like a family that fight I guess?

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I once lived next to a neighbor who was a grandmother/mother of 4 kids. Her daughter was not a dependable mother so she was raising her four grandkids. They were slobs. Their ac unit was positioned on the side of the house that bordered our patio. The stench from the inside of their house was continously dispersed across our outdoor living area. They had a lab and two basset hounds. They once had 7 puppies in addition to those three making 10 dogs in their yard. We had to treat our house for fleas and we had no pets. They propped up mattress on the fence to prevent the dogs from getting out. They had to replace their toilet once and the one they removed stood out in the middle of the back yard for months, maybe even a couple of years. They parked cars in the yard and worked on them leaving oil and misc. parts strewn about. We live in the south with humid, hot summers. The stench from 10 dogs in the yard, exacerbated by the heat and the trash scattered across the back yard made enjoying our back yard impossible. The children were often left alone and came to our door for assistance. The oldest came and got me to help a 3 yr old out of a locked room. I had to climb over all kinds of stuff to get to the room where the child was hysterical. I was able to unlock the door and let the child out, but could barely breathe while doing so. They called “911” at least once a week for all kinds of silly drama. The children had no guidance, no boundries and no manners causing dread of exiting the car and getting into the house upon coming home. The grandmother was obviously overwhelmed, but an uncomfortable position for us nonetheless.

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“Steviant” knew my schedule,knew what rooms were what in my house and used binoculars to figure it out.

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@jfos Haha! If only I weren’t moving out soon.

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@Exhausted heart wrenching really. My neighbours are suddenly looking a lot more appealing.

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@lucillelucillelucille I have a peeping tom across the road too, aghhhh! you can see why I want out of city living.

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@just justine-My husband had a talk with him and he moved shortly!
He made me sick.

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I have had some doozies over the years.

There were the ones who lived above us and literally had sex hourly all night long. We would just fall asleep and they would go at it again and wake us up.

There were the gang bangers who had their windows shot out and trunk tied shut because the police pried it with a crow bar looking for weapons (they found them).

But the best has to be the folks who were evicted from the condo they rented in our complex and proceeded to to move into the parking lot. They filled two parking spots with their crap and stationed a one legged guy with a machete on a rocking chair in the front to guard the stuff. After about three days of having their stuff in the parking lot, they broke into the vacant condo next to the one they had been evicted from and moved all their stuff in there. After about a week of that the police came and forcibly removed them and their stuff from the premises.

For a long time we were bad neighbor magnets. If someone wanted to play loud music all night, have parties constantly, smoke like a chimney, or watch every single thing on television with surround sound, they seemed to move in near us.

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@SuperMouse hourly allll night long? I don’t know whether to be shocked or envious

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I suspected our neighbours down the street were drug dealers too. All the time cars are coming and going. There are like five 20 year old guys who live there. I think there is a token drug dealer in every neighbourhood these days.

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8 months ago I was still in an apartment with a roommate, which we occupied for a year.

We used to joke that our neighbors upstairs had a shipyard in their apartments. You would always hear banging and screwing and hacking and whatever else they were doing in there. You could literally hear machinery, and people walking around heavily, then banging stuff some more. And naturally, their preferred time slots for building ships were saturday and sunday mornings at 8, and at around 5 pm during the week (usually about 30 minutes after we’d get back home).

Did I mention that was just one of our neighbors? We also had a couple (also upstairs but different people) which would fight a lot. Actually it was more the husband shouting on his wife. Every now and then you would hear a male and seemingly drunken voice just lash out in Arabic, with a background noise of a woman crying. Perfect to go to sleep in peace. There was no beating though, thank God.

Did I mention these were only two of our neighbors in that apartment? We also had a neighbor on the same floor who would listen to loud music while smoking weed with the windows open. Not an incredibly bad guy. The problem was that he also had a baby which would cry during the night. You know, just to make sure that there was no down time for us ^^.

We could also hear the elevators nice and clear from our rooms, which only added to the fun lol.

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@TheBot oh my gosh. I don’t know why but I kept getting the old classic rear window movie in my head.

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I used to live under this guy who was just about the loudest individual ever. I do not mean screaming or talking, I mean everything he did—walking, doing the dishes, talking on the phone (in his speaking voice). He just didn’t seem to realize that he lived above two people.

Plus the really awful, noisy sex he had with his mistress. She sounded more like she was in pain than anything.

He literally walked like he was just dropping bowling balls from 5ft above the floor. He had a lot of guests who would stay for 20 minutes tops and then boogie on out. About 6 months later he appeared to finally get a real job and the all-hours-of-the-night house guests started to disappear.

When he and whichever woman was living up there at the time would get into an argument, it was not just an argument. It was the sound of shattered glass, stuff getting knocked over, and them screaming at each other directly above our bedroom. For hours. At 3am. I had already tried to talk to them face to face multiple times, so this was the point where I simply became that psychotic neighbor who calls the cops whenever something is amok.

He broke into my storage cage in the basement to steal laundry detergent, light bulbs, or whatever else he didn’t feel like going out to get himself. I had to put a chain on the door and buy a heavy duty padlock to keep him out.

Our building had four units and in the middle was a hallway. Our apartments were pretty well insulated, so the fact that he was as annoying as he was through all that was astonishing enough. But when he was having guests over, for some reason they thought it was pretty cool to open up the door and extend their party into the hallway. I asked them nicely to go inside. They didn’t and I called the police. People were arrested (probably pot and underage drinking).

We moved out before he did and I’m glad that our new neighbors are quiet and generaly friendly.

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@Just_Justine Haha good reference ^^

@noyesa Geez, you also had it pretty hard I see. And you reminded me of the student parties some of our younger neighbors would throw.

Looking back on all our wild neighbors that year, it just seems unbelievable what we went through with my roommate. They really must have built our building out of cardboard…

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Wow, I thought our current neighbors were bad, but you guys have all dealt with some real assholes!

We live next to an elderly couple that drive us crazy. They are nosy and sometimes rude, and often try to “help” us by giving us old crap or parenting tips. One day they brought over a bag of shoes and boots for our kids. Their grandkids had outgrown them. The shoes reeked of mold and had mouse droppings in them. I think they’d been in a shed for several years.

The wife used to bring over religious magazines and leave them next to our back door. She will also give us their leftovers sometimes. One hot dog in a ziplock bag, half a bag of carrots, a hunk of stale birthday cake. They will bring over other crap and ask if we want it. When they realized I was always saying no, they started just leaving things on our deck. My husband went over to politely ask them to stop, and they finally did.

What really pissed me off was the gardening. There’s an empty field behind our back yard owned by another neighbor. He is really nice, and said we could use it for gardening or just extra space for the kids to run around and play. He told our elderly neighbors they could have a garden there as well, since they don’t really have a back yard. This old dude plants a huge garden and one day comes over to tell me part of it is mine. He even put extra plants there, like green peppers and squash. It was really nice of him, but I wished he’d asked because I am not good at growing things and didn’t want to take care of a garden. I felt like I had to because of all the work he put into it. Well, the kids decided we should grow watermelons and our watermelon plant actually had two melons on it! We were very excited toward the end of summer, waiting for those babies to ripen. Then, the old dude comes over and says, “Hey, my garden is done for the year so I tilled it all under. I did yours too, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Yep, he killed the watermelon. I have never seen three little kids so pissed off in my life. It’s like they can sense that their mother will probably never succeed at growing another watermelon. I know the neighbor meant well and was only trying to help, but it drives me crazy. I’ve already told him I won’t be gardening back in the field this year, and I hope he remembers that when he gets ready to start planting. Sometimes I calculate their ages and try to predict how long they still have to live. At least they are quiet and (as far as I can tell) not dealing drugs.

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Since I pretty much ignore my neighbors, I’m probably considered the ‘Neigbor from Hell’.

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I live in a college town so all my neighbors are little crazy. I once had one climb onto my balcony and knock on my door. My roommate answered, and he walked in, looked through our fridge, and after realizing he had walked into the wrong apartment, he apologized and left off the balcony.

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oh, heavens, we had the WORST neighbors when I was little. They called the cops on my brother and I for playing military in our yard. for guns we had a two by four with a dowel sticking out the side, and a trainer rifle with no action and no trigger. she knew this, yet called anyway. When my mom went to talk to her about it afterward, the woman asked my mom if my brother scalps people or shoots at cars on the highway, in all seriousness. My brother did not even know what scalping was.
Also, in the middle of winter one time, she came over and dug our summer toys out from under the porch. My mom saw what she was doing and asked her to stop, she said she would put everything back when she was done.
nutty lady.

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We lived in an apartment for a few months, and the neighbors above us liked to have parties. I tried to ignore the noise, since I know they were just trying to have fun. The next day I walked out on my patio, and stepped in some PUKE from one of the party-goers! Looked like coolaid and pizza and it was so disgusting!!! Even though maintenance came by with the hose and cleaned it off the patio, there was still chunks in the yard I had to see everytime I was at my front door. We moved right after that.

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I lived in the dorms in college. I had the top bunk, so my head was about two feet away from the ceiling. The ceiling was the floor for upstairs neighbors who liked to play “bounce the quarters” and drink all the time. Ping! Ping! Ping!

So my roomie and I complained to the Resident Advisor. Afterwards, we used to get used condoms dropped onto our window. They were the kinds of windows that open in such a way as to preclude cleaning from the inside – so we had to wait for rains to come and wash away the condoms, milkshakes and other nastiness that was poured out from upstairs.

We complained about this, and they stole the wheel off of my car. <sigh> I suppose I should have learned to embrace the all night Ping! Ping! Ping!.

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@laureth OK, you win worst neighbor story.

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My neighbor steals my bandwidth. It’s horrible! Horrible, I tell you! :(

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@elenuial Protect your WiFi network?

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We had people upstairs that would play music that made our mirrors shake and effectively turned our apartment into a giant subwoofer… They would never answer their door if we tried to complain…until Simone killed them.

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@JeanPaulSartre Thanks for the laugh!

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@noyesa Our internet is pipelined into the house, then routed to the three apartments (where it is further routed and protected for apartment use). If they’re hogging bandwidth, there’s not much I can do unless I install a packet shaper where the pipe comes into the house, but I’m not tech-savvy enough to do that, and the irritation hasn’t overcome the my inertia of “too busy” to become savvy.

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@elenuial Ohhh gotcha. That’s kind of interesting that they don’t have some simple routing hardware to equalize the bandwidth distribution.

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About 11 years ago, our neighbor Crystal & her daughter Lexi moved in. We were all best friends for years, until Crystal got in a couple of big fights with my mom. This started about 2 years after they moved in. My asshole brother cheated on his girlfriend with Crystal, who turned out to be a prostitute, & they got in a bunch of fights. These fights have been going on since then. Crystal & the bastard also have 10 years between them.

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One of our neighbours beat m mum up in front of me when I was about 5 years old. My mum and her were friends and they fell out about something and she came round to our house and decked my mum.

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@Leanne1986 sheesh! bloody neighbours, we should obviously not be living in such close proximity to other humans .. clearly.

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@Just_Justine She was a crazy lady. I don’t know what my mum did to piss her off though!!!

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@JeanPaulSartre is right – I was 7 months pregnant and they didn’t want to fuck with me – somewhere still is their apartment number that I ripped off their door and their welcome mat that I threw out of the window. The landlady later told my husband ‘your wife…she just went crazy’

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir That was a fun rent check to drop off.

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In my freshman year I lived in a student dorm (with 7 roommates), which perhaps does entail having crazy neighbors lol, but some pretty crazy stuff happened to us there. Among other things, we found a piece of freshly used toilet paper stuck on our door knob (it happened twice), and found the floor in the hallway in front of our door covered in cooking oil and confetti (stayed there for 2 weeks).

I must confess that we ourselves were pretty bad neighbors. We used to blast R-rated movies on speakers with all windows open when someone would walk in the parking lot with his/her parents, and throw water bombs (actually condoms) through the open windows of apartments below ours. Also the building was built such that when our downstairs neighbors were too noisy too late, we would go down the stairs and cut their electricity for the night by breaking into their electrical cabinet, which was outside their apartment. It was a great year in retrospect, but I can’t say actually living it was that amazing. There were moments when it was really too crazy to be healthy. I slept the entire summer to recover from my sleep debt.

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I live by my grandparents and aunt and uncle (all on my dads side) they are the worest people I have EVER had to put up with. They verbally abuse me and all this shit. They hate me because i’m opininated and tell it like it is. My Aunt is poor but she gets money from my grandma and tries to out-do my family in everything. They won’t leave us alone, constantly walk though our yard and talk about us to their bitch ass friends.

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I’ve got some crackhead neighbors that don’t know how to stop populating. Their terrible children tore down a section of my fence one day.

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The ones who planted marijuana plants on my property.

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Mine have been moving furniture around all day. Well should I say morning. Since 8am. I can hear plonk, grind, scrape, drop, ping bang. It’s saturday do they never rest? Do they never get tired and just chill? Do they not understand that Saturdays are precious and only happen every so many days. Do they know there is a neighbour below them, of course not! Sigh!

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Well, this isn’t a neighbor who does stuff unaware of their disturbance to others, the is actually a mean neighbor. Well, when I had moved into my house, my husband wasn’t with me but my kids were. She just assumed that I was an irresponsible single mother with 4 kids, and decided to treat me that way. She came to my door to greet us, as the “nice” neighbor that she was, and didn’t see “the man of the household” with me So she said, “I actually have to go now” (right after she walked in). Then, when I went to a candy shop with my kids and my great friend (a man) who was with me, she was coincidentally there too. So she came up to me with a BIG smile and said, “Oh I haven’t met your husband!” And I said, “Oh, he isn’t my husband” and before I could actually tell her that my husband was on a business trip, her smile was wiped of her face and she just walked right out of that store. Well, we haven’t seen her since, but unfortunately we could bump into her anytime since she is our neighbor.

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In Kansas in our student appartment we had Korean neighbors with a piano. The couple had a 8-year-old girl and she played Mozart’s Menuett KV 6 almost all day long. Time and again. Every day. I never thought I would be able to hate Mozart. But insane repetition can do this.

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I guess I was about 9 when my mother and I moved out of our house and into our first apartment. It was a tough transition for me, since up until then I had only ever lived on the property my grandparents owned, which included a beautiful two-story house and a few acres of land. Plenty of room for a little kid to play and explore. I loved it. So, due to financial reasons we moved into a crappy neighborhood known for its criminal element – junkies, ex-cons – lovely people everyone dreams of having as neighbors. Within one week of moving in, three feet from our front door, someone was stabbed and killed. A few months later, some shirtless dude wielding a knife stood a dozen feet from our front door screaming “I don’t want to live!” over and over. I remember his kids begging us to call the police (I guess they were too poor to afford a telephone). Good times.

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Ugh, my apartment is full of old people and little kids…
I live next door to a family who loves karaoke and a bunch of brats upstairs. I live on the second floor. The kids upstairs are always freakin running around and making noise!
And one of the teens always rides his tiny ass pocket bike piece of shit up and down our street giving us a migraine _____

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Steviant the pervert and his binoculars.I wanted to beat him up.

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I lived next door to my alcoholic drummer. Why did I ever let him get in the hood?
He stole my lawnmower and tried to hit me with bottlerockets when I was going for a trip to see my nephew in prison.

now, the stupid drunk next door, whose back patio is way too close to my kitchen, kicked in my acoustic guitar I lent to her bf. and has not paid me back or shown remorse. Tantrum throwing…mumble…..RAWR

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I had an obsessive compulsive neat freak room mate. Sounds bad, but it is just as bad as living with a messy person.

I’m not dirty or untidy by any means – but this person took it to a whole new level. I came home once after being away for a week to the entire house rearranged, bottles stacked and in alphabetical order, the fridge arranged by shelf per person, and all toiletries removed from the bathtub and sink and placed in the corner of the room in a box.

They had also broken into my room to get to the boiler, and knocked over my wardrobe which was in front of it onto the bed. My clothes were everywhere.

I moved out within the next three days. Good riddance.

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