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What measures would you be willing to take to prevent using traditional medication?

Asked by Mariah (25831points) March 19th, 2010

What are you feelings on taking medication for an illness when more natural treatments (involving lifestyle/diet/etc. changes) are available? How radical a lifestyle change would you be willing to make in order to avoid going on medication?

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I would go the natural route any day. I would be radical if need be. I am bipolar and refuse to put that junk in my body. I will not! Why fuck around with my brain chemistry. I am who I am. (However, I am always open to options).

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Hmmm, in all honesty I probably wouldn’t be prepared to change my lifestyle a great deal. If there were a medication available I’d go for it every time & only really consider lifestyle changes if the side effects were bad.

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I’m an adherent to the middle path.

Utilize lots of holistic and natural remedies, but, if I get hit by a bus I want to be taken to the emergency room. lololol

I’m a big believer in stress management, the #1 ‘killer’...even placed above smoking in 2004 by the Natl. health coalition! THAT really suprised me! haha

I am not a fan of smoking but I think better a happy and relaxed smoker than a stressed out health nut! lol

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I think natural “cures” are a little bit bullshit. There was a case a while back of a girl who had life threatening cancer. Her parents didn’t want her to do chemotherapy, so they used these weird mud body wraps, thinking they could cure it themselves. Obviously they didn’t work and sadly she died weeks later. This is an extreme case, but I think it is dangerous and negligent to avoid using proven medications and professional help.

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Healthy lifestyles are preventative where medicine treats exisiting conditions but many conditions can be improved by healthier living.

However, eating raw foods will not heal leukemia.

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@Coloma you hiding today lolol?

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Children should never be subjected to their parents philosophies when it comes to health.
Discrimination, yes. Extremism, no.

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@Mariah it’s a great question actually and you’ve reminded me to find a good alternate healer thanks

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@Just_Justine lol

Aaaah….am in recovery from a few crazy busy days….taking awhile to get my groove groovin’ this morning!

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@Coloma I wish I had long hair to just peek through on bad days heh heh

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Oooh….it’s a crazy hair morning for sure. I drained my hot tub yesterday so about to do my best country bag lady routine…wacky pj’s, blue rubber boots, and psycho hair…gotta scrub the tub! lolol

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I do what I can.Diet and exercise alone will not cure an illness.I know alllll about that! :)

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What ever I have to do to save a dollar. Is the direction I go in.

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I will take any measure possible to avoid modern medicine.

I simply don’t see the benefit in putting chemicals known to be harmful into my body to prevent a possible but unlikely complication later.

Our bodies are meant to heal themselves. I take full advantage of that, of course with copious amounts of common sense, good reason, and plenty of sterile gauze.

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I ask because I have a digestive disease for which I take some fairly heavy-duty medication. I’ve been told several times that it is irresponsible for me to be taking this medication when I haven’t exhausted all of the natural alternatives. A diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet was suggested to me. On this diet, absolutely no carbohydrates or sugars are allowed (except glucose). I thought about it hard, but I concluded that it would just be far too difficult to feed myself on this diet, especially considering that it wouldn’t be guaranteed to help. If I were to start having all sorts of side effects from my medication, I would reconsider, but right now I think that going on medication was less of a sacrifice than going on this diet would have been.

Although I will agree with @Just_Justine that I wouldn’t want to go on anything that would affect my brain. Eek.

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@Mariah yeah, I don’t like the idea of medication rearranging my brain firing. The no carbs and no sugar is quite easy actually. I had once without realizing it, lived without carbs for a whole year. I know shocking. I didn’t even lose much weight. Ironically. But that is beside the point. You can find things that “fill you up” that are not carbs and you do get used to it. I would be honest with myself and decide if I could carry on with a certain regime first. Because if I couldn’t it would not work for me obviously. I once did what I call a three month boot camp and I felt fabulous, I wont explain here take too long, but I never felt so well. I really need to do it again :)

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I take no medication at all. I heard that the more you take the more you become immune to it, so I think that I want to save all its effectivity for when I am old and wretched and need the drugs!

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I will use holistic medicine before western medicine but I see a need for both in our lives.

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Accupuncture is awesome!

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Depends on the illness.

In case of type 1 diabetes the number of measures to prevent using traditional medication is zero. Because the traditional medication is the only one that saves your life. Lifestyle and diet won’t do the job.

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