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Where online can I find a summary/break down of the health care bill?

Asked by curiouscatt (50points) March 19th, 2010

I don’t want to hear anyone’s opinion on it. I just want to know where online I can read a simplified version of it, or a summary, or a “breakdown” of it.

If you clicked on this question because you were going to provide YOUR summary of the bill, or you had a really fantastic super smart awesome opinion to share, or maybe a really clever snarky joke, or start a ultra meaningful debate, STOP RIGHT HERE. Maybe go to a political message board. Or start your own blog. Or tell your friend. Then proceed with what you were going to say. But please leave it out of this thread. I just want information.

I just want links to summaries of the bill. I don’t care if they’re biased or bipartisan. Again, not interested in your opinion or your own summary. I’m interested in links to websites/publications.

Thanks so much everyone. Sorry for being so blunt.

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I’ll look forward to any info. as well. :-)

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I’m so glad this was a real question and not a cheap ploy for another soapbox. Here’s one place to start:

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Thanks so much so far you guys! These are great. This thread could be a great source for information instead of another soapbox as @Snarp says. Keep it up.

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Just don’t go anywhere near , K?

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Even with a break down of the bill the implications that the bill may cause may not be apparent from just reading it. Hearing other peoples points about the bill are important in understanding how the bill may effect different things.

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@goootli There are numerous threads on this post that are currently discussing the health bill, especially this one.

@curiouscatt I found a few links from all over the political spectrum. Huffington Post, Natural News,
I have only given a cursory glance at these articles, and have tried to provide you with several points of view from different areas of the political spectrum. Hope this is something you were hoping to find.

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Make sure that whatever source you end up with isn’t biased.
The Huffington Post and are biased, you see.

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@Nullo It is hard to find a completely unbiased source that summarizes the bill. That’s why I tried to find sources across the spectrum in spite of my own personal bias.

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@Nullo I made it very clear that I do not care if it is biased or not. I am looking for links, that is all.

Links. Links links links. I don’t care if you think that I “should” hear other peoples opinions on the bill. I don’t care where I SHOULDN’T go get information about the bill. My question asks for links that provide summaries or breakdowns of the bill. That is all. Links. Provide me with links.

If your answer does not have a link in it, go ahead and just don’t answer. Thank you!

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A comparison of the Obama, Senate and House bills.

By the Kaiser Family Foundation—generally considered pretty matter of fact.

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I just wanted to thank everyone who did contribute some awesome links and help make this thread a wonderful resource for those who need help understanding the bill. Keep them coming!

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[mod says] Removed off-topic comments.

PMs aside, just a reminder, folks, that the OP has every right to narrow what type of responses they’d like in a question.

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Usually a “biased” article, report, etc., is one which dosen’t match the poster’s biases.

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anyone know where you can find a copy of the entire bill?

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