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What reception do you think Tiger Woods will receive at the upcoming Masters?

Asked by ucme (45478points) March 19th, 2010

I’m of the opinion that the patrons at Augusta will be fairly lenient towards him.After all he’s paid for his dalliances & it’s really no one’s business except his wife’s & his.He will have to face mocking from the galleries at some point but I don’t believe it will be here.The Ryder Cup in Wales,now there’s a different story.

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It’s the Masters. The reception will be quiet and polite or they will be kicked out.

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He will probably receive some sort of admiration or respect and be treated as the comeback hero of golf. That and an applause for his courage to return to golf. Hopefully not, but it’s probable.

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He is an excellent golfer.People should not care what he does in his private life.I wish he would’ve told the press to get bent.

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I think that as interesting as the media seemed to find the whole thing, at the end of the day people watch the Masters to watch Golf. And damn can he golf.

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@lucillelucillelucille Agreed, unfortunately some fucking nutjob is bound to want to make a name as well as an arse of himself sooner or later.

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People will be surprised at how badly he is playing. Trust me, after events like what he has gone through, he will be playing way below his average.

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Probably have some panties thrown at him.

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Smart move on his part, coming back for the Masters. Those guys couldn’t care less. I expect him to be completely focused. His attitude during the entire fiasco has been unrepentant and belligerent. I don’t expect it will affect his game in the least. Not that I care. I know more about his personal life than I ever wanted to. I cannot understand America’s obsession with knowing about the private lives of celebrities. I personally don’t give a flying fuck.

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@Trillian I’ve actually heard that people in the know say he is taking his therapy very seriously and is really intent on changing. The fact that he was unrepentant and belligerent to the media prying into his personal affairs? I would be too.

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He’ll probably come right out and win the Masters and show that, like in the past when he’s been through tough times in his life (like when his father died), he can still win tournaments and play well under pressure and keep showing the world why he’s the best golfer that ever played the game.

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@bellusfemina 9 panties to be exact.

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Probably one that will end with a blowjob.

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@Snarp There is that too. I don’t claim to know his motivation, and it could very well be no more than aggravation with the media all up in his grill. I wouldn’t blame him either.

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I assume that there will be kooks that want to tell him just what they think of him but they’ll be escorted out quickly.
His reception will likely be tepid. Polite, but his recent sex scandal will hang over him for a while.
I think people really need to get over this whole thing.

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@lucillelucillelucille I agree to a level;

In my opinion, golfing should be about golf. Not about private life. In my opinion, he shouldn’t lose any reputation as a golfer other than his previous.

The problem seemed to be that he had never been in any controversy, and people had made him an icon for a good golfer and a good person. Having this appear tarnished his image.

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@lucillelucillelucille I feel the same way.

Tiger Woods is a man and he makes mistakes like the rest of us. His mistakes are just put into the public eye because of who he is. His cheating on his wife has nothing to do with his ability to play golf.

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I think it would be awesome if some blonde woman stood near the 18th green holding a driver and gave him the stink eye…and then he 4 putts.

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Be funnier if she shouted “get in the hole”

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@ucme Well-played sir!

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@cockswain I thank you.

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the people at Augusta will act as they always do…quiet and respectful to all golfers

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