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Has anyone else had tuning problems with a dean shadow flloyd rose tremelo? if so, how do you fix it?

Asked by diellenich (4points) March 19th, 2010

when i use the flloyd rose, the low e string will go out of tune slowly.

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A tremolo system uses both the tension of the strings and the tension of the springs in the back of the guitar. Basically when tuning you have to find that happy medium between the two. Once you have that point figured out then it’s a matter of adjustment. The base of the bridge should be level with the body of the guitar. The height from the body of the guitar to the base of the bridge is all preference, since that’s how you would get ride height (action). Also an excellent rule of thumb is to tune each string from it’s opposing string, e.g. if you’re tuning the low E tune the high E next, if you’re tuning the A tune the B next and so on and so forth.

Owning a tremolo system can be a pain at times, especially if you don’t know how to do maintenance on them. If you don’t have an Original Floyd Rose (or the equivalent, e.g. made by Floyd Rose) and it says licensed under Floyd Rose Patents, you’ll have even more of a headache and I’m sorry, lol.

So rule one: Make sure the base is parallel with the body when tuned how you want it. If not the tension on the springs in the back need to be adjusted.
Rule Two: Tuning a Floating Tremolo system takes time since it’s the tension pulling on each other, so use the alternate string tuning method and keep retuning until it’s the right note you want it to be on every string.

If this doesn’t help you’ll need to have it serviced and if you’re in Anchorage, AK I can do it for you. For a price of course :) have fun and keep playing.

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