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Which is worse? Hitting a moose or hitting a pig?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) March 19th, 2010

Last night on Mythbusters, they tested hitting a moose with an automobile at about 45–50 MPH. The damage to the vehicle was DEVISTATING as I would expect. My Father echoed the point about avoiding hitting a moose as death was imminent. He was more emphatic that hitting a pig was as bad or worse because “A pig is built like a boulder and will roll under the car and really mess you up” Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this subject?

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I don’t think a pig is going to come through the windshield. It might wipe out the car, but I think the driver would survive pretty well. And eat even better, afterward.

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I don’t know, but you definitely don’t want to hit a gator.

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Taping a duck to the pig.

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As in spank?

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I think a moose would be worse…
I once saw a road killed cow.That car had to be hurting.

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Hitting a pig wearing a moose costume.

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A moose has more mass. Definitely worse than hitting a pig.

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was there a moose or pig crossing sign?

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I have to ask… why was the pig crossing the road, anyway?

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1. The moose would destroy my car.
2. The pig will be much juicier on the grill.
I vote its worse to hit the moose.

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I prefer Moose to eat then wild pig.

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They used a rubber analog of a moose 6 feet tall and about 600 lbs. It peeled the roof of a taurus back like a sardine tin. It was horrifying! My father must have hit a pig at some point, but he is no longer around to ask for further details. All I remember is he said it was like hitting a big rock and that it tore the daylights out of the bottom of the car and it rolled.

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Funny, I thought that was how they made bacon bits…

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Yes, but did they put lipstick on the pig?

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@CyanoticWasp To get to the other side.

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I expect on average that the moose is worse, but moose weigh between 600 and 1500 pounds and pigs, while usually much smaller, can weigh up to 1000 pounds. Given a choice between a 600 pound moose and a 1000 pound pig, I’ll take the moose. The moose is more likely to go through the windshield regardless of size, but depending on the shape of the car and the size of the moose, it’s possible that the moose may be thrown over the car or slide over a sloped windshield and deliver less of it’s mass as force to the car, whereas a pig is going to deliver almost all of its mass to the car almost every time. Bottom line: it depends, but you probably want to do everything in your power to avoid hitting an animal in general. Unless you’re driving an eighteen wheeler, in which case swerving is more dangerous than hitting the animal, so you might want to plow right through.

Edit: apparently the heaviest domesticated pig weighed in at 2,552 lb.

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And for the record, alligators go up to 1200 pounds.

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Hmm Bullwinkle or Porkie.Don’t know which would be worse but i’d rather run over that annoying fucking pig,th th th th th that’s all folks.

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The odds are with the moose being more deadly but the point of impact with a pig is a dangerous gamble too, your dad was right in that a pig is boulder/grenade. Scary either way but with money on the moose for a kill.

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do the legs have anything to do with it? Hitting a moose in a regular height car would mean the legs would get most of the impact, wouldn’t it? Whereas with a pig, you’d be hitting the main mass head on (so to speak).

Actual questions.

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it would be so funny if this question was about which was sadder, punching a pig or a moose. loloollolololololololo giggity

anyhow i have to think a moose would be worse. they are so huge, you couldn’t avoid getting fucked up unless you were in a gigantic vehicle but even then…as for a pig, if your truck or whatever was big enough you might be able to just pass over top of it and scrape it….right? i dunno. never hit a pig or a moose BUT when i first moved to colorado in january my friend and i were touring through the mountains and ALMOST hit a pack of three moose! It was so exciting.

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In their experiment, when the car hit the moose’s legs the body fell onto the hood and slid directly into the windshield area. So most of the animals mass hit the windshield and almost instantly, the drivers head and torso. Before the airbags had a chance to deploy. That was the scary part. Then at least in one instance actually tore the metal on either side of the windshield. It was amazing and terrifying. I wonder now what a bison or similar large tall mammal would do. I have way too much time on my hands.

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If you hit a Gator, would it be like a gigantic speed bump, or a ramp?

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no, do not have any experience and hoping to stay inexperienced

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@majorrich I think either one is possible. My dad says he once saw a VW bug (the old one) hit a gator and the car did launch a bit and flipped over and landed on its roof. The gator walked away.

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