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Someone is going 35 on a 40 and it's a pretty good stretch of road, do you honk or remain patient?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 19th, 2010

You can’t pass and it’s a good 2 miles of road.

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I’d just be patient and curse the person under my breath.

I don’t think I’ve seen too many 40 MPH zones… usually they’re 35, and I just go 40 though.

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Are you absolutely sure you can’t pass? :-)

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I’d be patient. And resist the urge to give them a little ‘love tap.’

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Patience. Life is easier if you take it easy.

And on mountain roads, I pull over if someone seems anxious to pass me.

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I don’t honk, because my experience is that is confusing to the other driver who is likely to slow down.

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Yep. Patient. Someone who’s going too slowly may have a very good reason, like, is partly blind, is very old, is very short. I’d rather they took it easy.

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You wait for a passing zone and pass the granny.

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I’d probably be going 32. Guess I drive like a granny.

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I would slow down even more to give the vehicle infront more distance, so I can speed up to 40 again. I will not honk nor will I pass if it’s not allowed unles the vehicle infront specifically pulls to the side.

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I wait patiently. I always allot time for slow drivers in my schedule. It doesn’t bother me. In 3 years of driving I can’t recall ever having honked once, nor passing anyone illegally.

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Remain patient. They have every right to drive five miles per hour under the speed limit. Of course I’m usually going thirty five in a thirty five and have had people honk, tail gate, and pass on curves and hills so they could go 50 in a 35, which I find is far more common. I drive the speed limit and very rarely do I encounter anyone who is not trying to go faster than I am.

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Just chill. From far away (at least a quarter mile behind him,) until I can pass ‘em. Think about really important and profound things like the meaning of life and 10K. Those are the kinds of situations where people tend to pile up and pile up and it’s very dangerous so be anywhere in that train.

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Patient. I don’t obsess about the speed of the other car. I apply my mind to other things.

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I wouldn’t honk but I’d probably be whinging aboout them to myself. I would take over at the nearest possible opportunity. I have been known to flash my lights at people that have been in front of me before but that’s usually for things like not using their indicators or pulling out in front of me and then slowing my down by a significant amount.

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Two miles? That doesn’t seem like much of an endurance test to me.

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I’d wait it out. To be honest, I’m a slow driver myself. This makes my friends go crazy, but I can’t help it! Just two days ago I saw a small car being scraped beneath the bottom of an 18 wheeler. So scary.

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I am a granny, and I only drive at a speed that is safe for the road I’m on. I don’t view the speed limit as a demand that I must drive that speed. When people honk at me it only confuses me and causes me to slow down.

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@YARNLADY Exactly. A speed limit is a LIMIT! And when someone gets on my butt, I just slow down. If they’re so excited they can pass me or learn some patience! (It is a virtue, you know ;P )

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i pass also

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i would get somewhat close to them and hope they pull to the side so i can pass safely. i would be cursing, especially if it was rush hour. i feel like if they want to drive slowly that’s fine but they should be aware of other cars on the road and if it looks like someone is in a hurry, they should consider pulling over to let the other car pass.

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You can’t pass.

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a road with no shoulder? even if it’s a double yellow you may be able to cross it briefly if the person pulls to the side.

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i guess the bottom line would be if i really could not pass, i would just deal with it and be annoyed.

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I attempt to keep an open mind when it comes to driving.

We never know exactly what could be going on for the other driver.

I have had plenty of moments when driving, spilled something and was trying to fix the situation and maybe slowed down for a few minutes.

I have had a bee fly in the wndow and land on my face!

I have had an acorn zing through the window and hit me in the eye!

If I am leading on my mountain roads I am going to take it easy as I am at the head of the parade for deer that randomly fall from the sky. lol

Last year I was regularily taking several of my pets for health treatments.

Try driving with a 26 lb. goose in a wicker laundry basket belted into the front seat! lolololol

I think it’s important to take into consideration that YOU are not the only person in the universe and that maybe, just maybe, there is some situation unfolding in the other vehicle that if known, you might have a bit more tolerance for whatever moves or speed that person is making.

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Consideration is normally a good response, but I have seen many drivers impeding the flow of traffic who are completely oblivious to the fact that they are impeding traffic or that others are becoming impatient. The police can give tickets for impeding the flow of traffic, but usually seem hesitant to do so. Awareness is the key, folks. Just be aware of your surroundings. You may own part of the road, but other taxpayers can make the same claim, so put down the damned cellphone and pay attention to the road. If you do, you’re a hell of a lot less likely to piss someone off.

P.S. My own personal peeve is when you’re driving down a double-lane highway and there are two vehicles driving abreast of each other at twenty miles an hour less than the posted speed limit. Show some common courtesy and move your ignorant ass into the outer lanes. If you want to drive slowly, then fine. Just do it in the slow lane. That’s all I’m asking.

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I had a kid in a pick-up truck up my tailpipe this morning. I was going the speed limit of 55 mph. When I slowed down and pulled over, he shot by me over a double yellow line at 70 mph. One mile later, still going 55, I caught up to him as he was pulling into a little driveway.

He gained nothing but a near head-on collision. The point?

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@gailcalled – That seems to be the norm these days for an awful lot of drivers. Every time I survive one of these idiots, it becomes harder and harder to deny myself that sparklingly brief moment of karmic enjoyment by imagining them getting nailed by some pissed off. yet well-hidden, highway patrolman further on up the road. Remarkably, the only point they all seem to have in common is usually covered by their hair.

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@Rufus T Firefly: And guess who gets ticketed for speeding around here? The little old lady with the sharp tongue and the cat.

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@gailcalled – Yeah, that would probably be my luck as well. It amazes me that these assholes can brazenly break the law and endanger everyone’s lives on a regular basis and there never seems to be a cop around, but let me make one tiny little mistake and somehow they would mysteriously appear behind me, ticketbook in hand. It’s the law of averages, I suppose, and these turds are ruining the curve for the rest of us.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly: My mother, who used to stop at stop signs even if they were in the middle of an uninhabited desert, was always getting tickets for going 1 mile over the speed limit.

Every year, particularly during the snowy and icy Dec. holidays, several teens are driving drunk, have horrible accidents and end up dead, paraplegic or in jail.

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