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What do you need to move out?

Asked by edmann13 (294points) March 19th, 2010

I would like to move out of my parent’s home, but I’m a little iffy about how much this is going to cost me. What are required items for a new place? What about tips and tricks to make living in a small apartment easier? How much should I keep in an emergency fund? What do I do if I lose my job? There’s just so much to wrap my head around. Please dispense advice.

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You need all of the items to set up a household: a bed, a table and chairs, a couch, a TV, etc.

You need dishes, pots &pans, cleaning supplies.

For an emergency fund, think about having a minimum of three months rent.

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Make sure you have good credit and references!

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A place to move to.

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Here is a checklist of everything you’ll need.

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Friends to help you actually move your stuff.

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Check out your local Craigslist listing for market prices of apartments in your desired neighborhood.

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Start stockpiling things now such as a set of dishes and glassware, cookware, towels, bedding and any appliances you’re used to. Furniture is easy now because of Craigslist, Freecycle, thrift stores and of course, IKEA. You should collect the equivalent of 3 months rent and research what kinds of deposits are required where you will live to start up a utilities account if you’ve not had one in your own name before.

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A good pair of jeans and sneakers and a case for your clothes. Hit the road Jack.
You can’t be 20 on Sugar Mountain as Mr.Young once said.

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I have moved a ton of times starting with a backpack full of clothes. Don’t buy a ton of crap you will never need. Move in and get stuff when you need stuff.

And a thrift shop for dishes and silverware is your best friend.

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And, of course, your basic items of furniture, cooking equipment, and any other things you absolutely need. Make sure you walk around your current house and look for big ticket items that are pretty permanent yet forgettable. These might get you if you aren’t careful, like tools, lighting fixtures, major cooking appliances, etc.

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People are saying what they would want, which is not what you need. You get to say what you need.

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Don’t forget the moving permit many cities require. The most important part of anything you or your parents decide to do is making sure your government papers are in order.

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When we moved from Colorado to California, we had nothing more than the clothes we packed. We moved into an unfurnished studio, slept on the floor until we bought a mattress at the local thrift store, and gradually filled out what we needed.

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@YARNLADY: I am proud of you. Now many Americans would simply show up and declare they are homeless so that they could get “assistance”. With their house paid for they would use the money you used on the studio for a big-screen and fancy bed right away from the rental center.

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Since everyone already told you what you “need” when it comes to the material stuff I’ll cover just monetary (forgive me if this is repetitive, didn’t feel like reading every response)

You need Credit first of all.

You need money for for a safety deposit (usually equal to the first months rent)

You will need money for the utility bill, depending on where you live it could be split up seperately but usually includes electricity, water, and trash fee.

You will also need money for the cable/internet/phone bill. Depending on which of those you want if not all.

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Boxes. A job. A significant other. Motivation.

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