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What do you think about having a "Help your neighbor list" ?

Asked by Rangie (3661points) March 19th, 2010

list of names with phone numbers of those that sign up to be available at their time to help a neighbor with a small project. Outdoor only chores, like help mend a fence, help carry a heavy object, clean gutters, mend roof etc. No fees, just help your neighbor. pros, cons.

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I did this through my Command in Portsmouth Navy School of Health Sciences. Actually, I think it was the Petty Officer Association. There was a city wide “Make it Better” day and we participated. It was well organized and we were given specific places to go and specific tasks. We painted a lady’s outside, repaired a roof, and cleaned out a garage for two others.
I enjoyed it and the people were gratified.
I don’t think there are any cons to something like this, as the recipients were all screened. No one was a slacker looking to take advantage of something. It was great.
The following year we were all alongside of a road all day picking up and moving litter. you wouldn’t believe the junk! Again, a good time was had by all, and we left that evening with gently throbbing muscles and a sense of accomplishment.

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I am new to my neighborhood and I know of several people that could not get up and clean gutters or paint their house. But you might find some cons if I wanted to have this list available all the time, not just one day. You never know when someone may live alone and gets indisposed, or too old to take care of a little task. The could call a neighbor on the list and get help.

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Our neighbors don’t have a formal sign up, but often do little things for each other. A couple of days ago, the giant dog next door broke through his fence while his owners were at work and two people showed up with hammer and nails, and a third neighbor brought over an extra fence board. We are all dog owners.

My grandson frequently goes out to rake up the leaves of the handicapped neighbors down the street. When the street gutter got clogged up this winter, three neighbors came out with shovels to clear the drain on the corner, in the pouring rain.

When my neighbor saw my dog out in my front yard, before we installed our new fence, he called me to let me know.

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@YARNLADY , Yes that is what I am talking about. I was think about having a street barbecue and inviting our chief of police so we could close off the road within our block. We could all gather and meet one another. I would have a sign up sheet for those that would like to volunteer to be helpers. Add some rules so as not to abuse the volunteers. The began to knit a neighborhood family. Thanks so much for your input. Very helpful.

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Our police department operates what they call Neighborhood Watch, where they have meetings to get people acquainted with each other, to help fight crime.

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@YARNLADY that sounds like what I am looking for. Haven’t had much crime yet, but you never know.

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I love this idea! You win the good neighbor award. :)

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