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How long and/or what does it take to become a Helicopter pilot?

Asked by Amidani (1points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

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I want to become a pilot as soon as possible.

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It takes a minimum of 40 flight hours, but normally you should expect more like 55–60 hours. Then there is ground school too, about 10 or 15 more hours. The speed at which you complete the training depends on the instructor/school and your availability. It can all be done in as little as a few weeks. With that said, be ready to drop some coin, more than $10K.

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@drive_by_dev You left out the trainees skill and ability to learn factor. This may increase all of the numbers by a great deal. You may be a little low on the cost at 10K.

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So, I wouldn’t have to go to a 4 year college

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No college needed; just pass a flight medical (FAA third class certificate will do, I think), be able to read/write/understand English, and be over the age of 17.

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