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bestbuy or circuit city ??

Asked by elman25 (159points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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I prefer Best Buy.
The customer service seems better (at least in my area)
and the prices don’t seem as high on the stuff that I normally go for.

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I also prefer best buy – the salespeople are less pushy.

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best buy in store and circuit city over the Internet

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Neither. ever, Ever, EVAR!

There is no reason what-so-ever to pay inflated brick and mortar prices when sites like,,, etc. exist. And many others via and

I suppose it’s fine to wander in there to look at the shiny toys, but seriously why would you pay 30% more for something you could get next day from any number of very reputable online stores?

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The Best Buy over here got busted for not promoting women and not hiring minorities so I won’t shop there anymore.

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For me, neither. Newegg has great prices and ships extremely fast. Whenever i go in those stores I feel like the selection is so limited, and because I know the normal prices for stuff I can’t bring myself to buy there.

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Neither. They’re both miserable shopping experiences, with intrusive yet incompetent salespeople, and most of what they sell is junk.

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