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Is there a difference between John McCain and Richard Nixon, or is human cloning now legal in the US?

Asked by Razor (24points) March 7th, 2008
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i am are so angrys use the search function >:;;000

and he is not a crook.

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@needleinthehay Excuse me, say again?

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McCain IS Nixon.

McCain is the reincarnated form of the scandalous politician.

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I’m for Obama in the “top three” offerings of our two-party tyranny, but I have no idea what you mean. Nixon seemed much more the thinking politician and public speaker. McCain seems to have far fewer of his own ideas, and seems more the military leader type.

What’s the resemblance and/or scandal you’re acting like people might know about?

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Nixion was the first to use dirty politics and innuendo’s to win an election. Or at least the one people point to when they define it.
John McCain is not interested in that type of a campaign and neither is Obama for that matter.
As the internet is becoming more and more used It is becoming less and less effective. And calling someone a commie isn’t as effective, although some may be trying to use Muslim in a similar manner.

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I hope not. What if someone clones you? That would suck big time!!!

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Great tongue in cheek answer!!! Politics was clean and shiny before Nixon, other than Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy, unless you believe dead people voting in Chicago isnot a dirty trick.

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Politics was clean and shiny before Nixon? As I am a history teacher, please tell me you are kidding, please? That surely isn’t the perception our schools have left you with, is it?

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