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How can one program a computer with Artificial Wisdom?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) March 19th, 2010

We are working on AI (Artificial Intelligence) but is anyone working on AW (Artificial Wisdom)?... and whats the difference?
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Good question? Probably the best answers for such a question would be found among the wise contributors to Fluther…

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I’m not ready to go on a vision quest to a remote server room for the answers to life’s questions.

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@Captain_Fantasy Isn’t Fluther an example of what we are talking about?

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If life’s answers are NSFW then yes apparently.

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Send it to public school.

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@Cruiser there’s a problem with that: Public schools have zero tolerance for wisdom.

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@CyanoticWasp I forgot!! It’s been so long…

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You don’t. It eventually evolves wisdom itself. If you think about it, the computer, if given a constant power supply, is no different than the first human beings. We weren’t born with 99% of what we have today culturally or mentally. They are developed over vast amounts of time.

Will we see intelligent AI in our lifetimes? Possibly. We already do in many ways. But will we see a computer that can sympathize? One that can intentionally comfort? Not in our lifetimes. But maybe someone somewhere will someday.

The universe is indifferent. We are flesh and bone, they are plastic and silicon, but at the end of the day neither one is more natural than the other, or less so for that matter.

Consciousness might just be a trick of the mind, that very well could also be a trick of the processor. At the end of the day does it make a difference?

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Let the AI learn by reflection (which is noblest), by imitation (which is easiest) and by experience (which is the bitterest).

Yes, we will see intelligent AI and impressive androids by 2040.

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