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Do you use Tumblr? Does your company?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) March 19th, 2010

So, I started a Tumblr feed a few weeks ago and I like the platform a lot, but I haven’t quite been able to get used to posting to it. However, my company is releasing a really cool new product this spring that our traditional customer base is going nuts about, but that I think will have a much broader appeal. So I’ve been working the social media angle: Twitter to keep in touch with bloggers and journalists in the industry, Facebook to build up our fan base of current customers.

We’re a pretty established company (you’ve probably seen our products out and about) and we have a decent enough website, but we’re very small. I need a platform that I can devote to news, pictures, videos and reviews of the new product. I keep coming back to Tumblr, thinking it’s a good platform and I can just purchase a domain to redirect to a Tumblr-driven site about this product.

This would be way easier to update than our primary website, and allow us to have more fun with it. Has anyone here done something similar? I’m just looking for a solution to promote one particular product in a new way outside of what we’re already doing to promote our whole line. What does the collective think?

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I haven’t done anything like that – But I run a tumblr, it’s great! also, more and more company’s are going to twitter too. I think the first was at&t Tumblr for the new backflip. You should try it though.

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I’ve heard of Tumblr [actually from my niece who’s into all social media] and am just trying it now. I started a WordPress blog but haven’t yet gotten control of the design. Ultimately, whatever I use, gaining control of the design, which means improving CSS skills fort non-static websites, is important.

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I run 2 tumblrs on two very different topics. I find that there’s more a sense of community on tumblr than there is on blogs like wordpress – which is ironic considering you can’t easily leave comments on someone else’s tumblr.

Tubblr is ideally suited to mixed-media blogging, so if you frequently post pics, embed videos, audio-posts, chatlogs, or a mix of everything, then tumblr is perfect for you.

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Why would there be any community on WordPress. It’s simply an application available to me on my server, that Iadded to my [cobbler’s shoes sort of] website.

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@anartist by “community” I mean bloggers who interact with each other, thereby increasing the potential audience of the blogs involved. Tumblr’s tag-monitoring and reblogging make this easier.

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@downtide Why would they limit themselves to interacting only with those who run the same blog platform. Can’t interaction be accross platforms through linking and registering? I have a lot to learn about blogging.

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@anartist tumblr makes it particularly easy to re-blog posts from other tumblrs. It’s a bit like twitter in that sense.

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What does your traditional base currently use most of and feels most comfortable using? Go with that. The broader appeal would most likely come as referrals from the top active users of social media you currently have as your customers.

Downtide got it spot-on that Tumblr is a multi-media twitter. May not be what you’re looking for if you want feedback, ratings from customers. You might need Facebook to announce the news, pics, videos (link to Twitter) but link back to a wordpress or tumblr.

It’s not so much the platform but how well you use it and how tightly you can engage with your community. It’s not just numbers, it’s frequency of fresh content and keeping it relevant to your base. Only use a platform if you’re going to use it well or you will lose credibility. If you go for numbers and hook “fans” or “followers” on and then don’t give them relevant stuff, they will drop you or stop paying attention and most probably not go back except as a “new customer”.

Let us know when you set it up :).

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