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What are some riverfront universities? Would you please link us images?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) March 19th, 2010

So far, I have not come across even one university situated on a riverfront. I’d like to know that they exist so that I won’t have to found the first riverfront university in the world in about 50 years.

Also, at the riverfront college that you find, do they offer courses in canoeing, kayaking, river-rafting, and anything to do with recreation or working on rivers?

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Does it have to be more technological than MIT?

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Harvard is on a river.

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The Charles river to be exact…

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Boston University
Courses in recreational activities? I have no idea. If they did offer them it would be an insanely expensive way to learn.

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Maybe b/c Universities like propping up on land that is cheap and plentiful for future expansions. . .

FSU isn’t on a river front, but there is a huge lake park in the area called The Reservation, and students do take waterbased classes there (like sailing). I know that other classes also go there for activities (like the scuba diving class which primarily holds class at the gym pool.

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@moderators why was my lol comment deleted? :’(

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Michigan Technological University. A river also runs through the University of Michigan. There’s no riverfront promenade, but Eastern Michigan University is right on a river.

fireflys's avatar located 30 minutes North of Chicago on the north shore.

This university is on Lake Michigan, a very large great lake. It’s not a river. However they have sailing courses and I see people kayak often. And not far from the university (5 minutes by car) is the Des Plaines River that winds through the surrounding areas. You can rent kayaks near Oakton and McCormick Avenues in the warmer winter months. And I often see rowing teams there as well.

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Hmm, does it have to be a river? New Orleans University is on the lakefront. Sports clubs include sailing and it has several renowned research programs.

Or there’s U.C. Santa Barbara, which sits on the Bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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University of Manitoba‘s main campus is surrounded on three sides by the Red River.

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